New youtube channel for those doing the MCITP SA or EA track

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Hey All,

This site has been pretty awesome for me resource wise to get to where I am with great members who help with those questions that you aren't too sure why the microsoft product doesn't do what you think it should.

With that being said, I'm in the middle of doing my 70-640 and came across a great resource I'd like to share with others learning for the MCITP SA or EA certs.

It's a youtube channel. I don't think I can post links but its basically youtube com with this at the end of the url


Channel is IT Free Training.

Have looked over a bunch of the vids and although they haven't finished all of them, it's looking like a great resource.

Enjoy all! Great for when your eyes are too tired to read the books or you can't be bothered to boot up the lab!


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