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Took ICND1 back in 2010 failed barely first time then passed a couple weeks later once I studied up on my misconceptions. Then life got crazy for a year. Finally tested icnd2 on Monday and passed with 874. Cisco Press books with Boson test and I purchased the ExSim Max tests as well. Also watched videos a lot and worked in my home lab which has 4 routers and 3 2950s. I used a 2811 with 3 wic1t cards to make my frame relay environment connecting to the other 3 routers with wic1t as well.

Test review, I thought the wording of the questions were pretty hard to understand but I dont think they were unfair. I know a few I missed after reviewing the subject so i shouldve done a little better.

I already have the books for CCNP from Cisco Press so I will begin asap.

Thanks everyone for the great resources and support.


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