Taking A+ Core (and hopefully OS) on June 20th 2003

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Hi, All.
First, I'd like to say I'm seriously impressed with this site.

I've been working in a computer call-centre for about 8 months now, and the company is paying for us to take the A+ as part of our career progression. A requisite of this is that we pass a pre-test designed by the company. This pre-test is apparently designed to be much tougher than the real thing.. there were 150 non-adaptive questions on core and OS. What concerns me is that this pre-test is designed around the Sybex 2001 study guide. From reading the posts in this forum I have formed the impression that the real thing contains questions on subjects not found in this book AND many others. I'm quite happy to study any subject matter to pass the core & OS, but if I don't know of this subject matter's existence it is a little difficult icon_eek.gif

I've also studied the Exam Cram and done some online tests ( some of which give conflicting answers within the same site ! ). What I'd like to ask is:

How much emphasis should I place on Win3.x and WinNT ?
Is it worth going beyond the basics of RAID?
Is there a suitably sympathetic and powerful god/dess or patron saint of people taking IT exams?

Thanks in advance,
Joyous Monkey
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    welcome to the forum.

    the objectives introduced in 2001 and 2003 do not cover win3.x, but you are required to know about expanded and extended memory.

    the objectives introduced this year introduce the likes of windows xp, but candidates are allowed to take exams in either the 2001 or 2003 objectives to become a+ certified, so your book is still valid. it is thought the objectives introduced this year will begin testing from sometime after september on.

    as far as raid goes, you will just be required to tell the differences between the versions supported by windows.

    there is no patron saint of i.t., though some people will claim bill gates is the devil or god (depending on whether or not they have a thing about microsoft). understanding of the subject-matter is all you need to pass, and your eight months experience (plus what you may have from personal dealings with computers) will give you a head-start over some of the candidates starting a+ study from scratch.

    i used the second edition of the original exam cram book to help with a+ and believed it helped me a lot ;)
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    You can try to send me offers icon_farao.gif

    No live stock please icon_wink.gif
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    heh heh heh - good one webmaster :D

    From experience at a couple different training academys there are a lot of people out there who consider Mike Meyers a saint ... lol

    Joyous Monkey - I used Mike A+ All in One and found it excellent, however the Sybex book does come with huge wraps from many people I have chatted with over the years - or the one from Scott Mueller.
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    Many thanks to everyone for such prompt replies. I don't know if it's necessarily a wonderful thing for you exceptionally helpful people, but I suspect a few of the folk from my workplace are going to be visiting this site as they are placed on the A+ program. Hope you don't mind.

    Webmaster... I have constructed a small monument in your honour and have had it blessed by ministers from all the known religions AND several unknown ones as well.

    Best regards,
    Joyous Monkey
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    damn - webmaster is gonna get a swollen head now .... lol

    hey Joyus Monkey - bring ya work colleagues along - the more the merrier. Also more members means that webmaster will have to work harder .... lol
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