CCIE Data Center track

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Looks like it's official..anyone going down this road? I'm too far in to R&S to turn back, but this may be my next stop if rack rentals are offered with the Nexus gear...which is a big "IF". I currently work with about 85% of the lab equipment on the data center track, so it's fairly tempting..


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    If only I worked with Nexus icon_sad.gif

    I've this is suppose to replace the CCIE: Storage but after looking at them they seem to cover different topics, so I don't think that is true.

    Data Center Track
    • Expert knowledge in the implementation and troubleshooting of data center technologies.
    • Skilled with operating systems, virtualization, network services for cloud enablement, and security.
    • Core IP routing not required, but must demonstrate in-depth understanding

    Storage Networking Track
    • Expert knowledge in the implementation and troubleshooting of storage area networks
    • Skilled with LANs, MANs and WANs over Fibre Channel, iSCSI, FCIP and FICON
    • Core IP routing not required, but must demonstrate in-depth understanding of Layer 2 and 3 network infrastructure

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    I'll be looking into it after the R&S. A significant bit of the work I do is with Unified Fabric technologies.

    Hey ColbyG, after I complete R&S I'll work on this one with you.
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    Looks fun but probably one of the most expensive tracks.. even with used equipment.

    » CCIE Data Center Hardware Cost Estimate FryGuy's Blog
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    INE is also in the process of creating CCIE Data Center material, as well as material for the Wireless track :)
    Can't wait!
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    Glad to see some interest. I'd love to tackle this one but the more I think about it the more I'm not sure if I'd be able to. I have plenty of access/hands on the entire nexus line, but it's all time/ability to lab anything really. If rack rentals open up I'd imagine they'll be incredibly costly. But......this cert will surely be in demand...hell, it already is!
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    wait for ine to make a rack. in the meantime get that R&S downicon_cheers.gif
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    Definitely a lot of good info to know in this track. It will be hard to study for though which will keep the numbers down.
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    Cisco will be offering online rack rentals with all the equipment by September
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    Where'd you hear this?
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