Passed N10-004 today April 7

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So, this is my first post here!

I started studying in October last year, but between then and now came house guests, x-mas, new years, the flu, migraine, a cold, and even more house guests. I used mainly Lammle's book, and a few chapters from Meyer, notably the IPv6 chapter. First I read the whole Lammle book, made notes and repeated using the notes. This approach really took a long time, and I will perhaps try another approach when studying for Security+. After finishing the first round of reading I re-read the whole book, doing all the review questions again.

I also used a iPhone Flashcard app, for repeating central stuff like ports, OSI and DoD models, troubleshooting. In hindsight I should have used that tool a bit more, especially for the Authentication, AAA, and Remote Access protocols.

The last week I did three test exams, and scored about 86-92% on those. I also read a few chapters in Meyers book to repeat some of the areas I scored poorly on.

On the exam today I scored 845, about 94%, so I did better on the real exam than the practice exams. I really didn't expect that.

My errors were in section 1, 2, 4, and 5. Aced 3 and 6! Yay!

There were no questions about subnetting. A couple very ambiguous questions, and one or two questions were I had no clue whatsoever. Turns out I did have a clue at some point because I did underscore that section in the book. Some questions were clearly just test-questions, which is also mentioned in the text you read before the exam.

Next cert is Security+, in about three months, at least according to my plan.


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    Congrats on the pass, and welcome to TE! I just passed my N+ as well and am currently studying for my Sec+ among others. You will find that Darril Gibson's Security+ book has a huge following here on TE. That is what I am using, and it looks like it would be pretty good for your studying style too because he takes the notes for you, there are little clips every few pages that say Remember This, and those are what I am going back and study after each chapter. I found a lot of the Net+ question to be very ambiguous as well, I was pretty dissatisfied with the quality of the exam, but I ended up with an 850, so maybe they do that on purpose to see if you can actually comprehend and think through the questions rather than just memorize trivia.
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    Congrats, guys. We are in the same club. icon_thumright.gif

    What's next after Sec+? Currently I think I'll do the CCENT.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats! Keep on passing those exams! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats Mate, keep on going and never stop (well have a break from time to time) but keep up the motivation, simply passing a cert is sometimes the high that keeps you going eh:)
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    Thanks everyone for the kind words! Yes, Security+ in my next goal. After that I really don't know. I'm quite senior and been working in the IT security business for 10+ years, so a CISSP seems logical, but then again, I would like a bit more hands on knowledge, like CCNA Security, just to be able to give advice on network security as well. Oh, well, I don't need to worry about that until July, when I'll take the Sec+ exam test.
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    Great job on passing the exam! I am currently studying for the N10-004 and have it booked for April 17th, and have been using the Trainsignal training course and Prof Messer videos. As part of the package from Trainsignal it included the Transcender testing engine which I have been getting 90%, however lastnight I was on the CompTIA website and did a free practice exam (from the domain was hosted by MeasureUp) and got 70% ie fail

    Not to mention it knocking my confidence, i'm not sure what to do next?
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    Congratulations Anders :)
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