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I JUST finished taking the 70-291 exam and I can definitely tell you that even after 3 months (on and off) of study, I was completely unprepared for this test! I got an embarrasing 500, thus missing the target by 197 points... Only 43 questions though! Heres some tips for you (and for my future reference):

KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT DNS - I had 25 questions dealing with ridiculously complex DNS setups and configs... Many of them were simulations - if you dont know it, youre boned. No guessing here. ALSO KNOW AGEING AND SCAVENGING - a topic that is really overlooked.

Know DHCP error codes... I had a question about DHCP console showing an error 14 on the server and scope... anyone know what that is? I guessed and said that you need to check the other DHCP servers on the network for overlaps in scopes...

Know the route command... specifically, whether or not you can have it look just like this:
route add mask (assuming thats the gateway)

I took a few practice exams and got 80 or 90 percent before I went into this exam. Heres my printout stats:

Maintaining network infrastructure: 95%
Implementing/Managing/Maintaining RRAS: 95%
***Implementing/Managing/Maintaining Network Security: 25-30%
Implementing/Managing/Maintaining IP Addressing: 95%
Implementing/Managing/Maintaining NAME RESOLUTION: 30-35%

OUCH! Hopefully some of you can take a lesson from me and avoid what I was hoping not to do... Now I have to wait ANOTHER 2 weeks till I can start on the exciting new stuff (cause im sick of looking at this material!)

Time to fire up the virtual PC!

By the way, there was another question... A simulation where you have to create a Domain Admin account (they give you the name etc) and then check to make sure 3 other groups have a certain specific permission set for each one... I went into AD Users/Computers and created a user named Domain Admin1 as specified but could not check that PasswordAdmin could indeed create/change passwords, etc etc... Any ideas?



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    Nice review, sorry about you luck. 2nd shot promotion man...I was actually supposed to take this test last saturday but couldn't find a testing center by Tuesday. I'm taking it next wed.
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    A domain admin can change passwords by default for their specified domain. Is this what you are asking? You can also check the securities tab in the properties box of the users OU or in the domain itself.
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    Sorry to hear about your bad luck. And, part of this is the luck of the draw too. Thanks for the review.

    Good luck on the retake!

    Good luck to you garv221.

    Sounds like "The Punisher" would be a good name for this exam!(lol)
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    I called it "Father of the 2000 Beast"

    DNS DNS DNS DNS and more DNS.

    Seems like you need additional material, what prep tests did you used?

    Second shot promo will work for you, dont go studying new material since your almost done with this one, it will only confuse you more...

    Needs to be member of enterprise admins security group...I would think!
    What next?
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