Materials needed for A+ exam

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I am aware that I need to pick up a few books, which I have been looking into Mike Meyers all in one book.
But my real question is what is the best hardware to get for getting the best hands on experience?


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    Get yourself a pc with a micro ATX form factor... load up XP or Windows 7 (801/802 I hear won't be released until 3rd/4th quarter and they'll undoubtedly be heavier on Windows 7)... google the documentation for the hardware and get yourself familiar with the different kinds of expansion slots and general layout of the mobo and where each piece and component connect... It'll get you going in regards to familiarizing yourself with the hardware.

    How new are you to IT?
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    I am brand new to IT, so I know I have alot of learning to do. To be honest I dont even know what a micro ATX form factor is but I feel I am motivated enough to learn all I need to know to get this certification so I can somewhat get my foot in the door. All I need is guidance on how to go about it.
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    1. The A+ topics that will be on the exam.
    2. Study/google what you don't know
    3. Study troubleshooting printers and printers
    that's it and study troubleshooting procedures
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    Hi I too am also brand new to TE forums, not so brand new to computers. I am looking to start a career in IT. I live in australia and SEEK.COM.AU recommend paying 3000 dollars for training material for CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+ and MCITP: Windows 7 desktop. Is that worth it? I have been doing the CompTIA A+ practice exams and so far have found them not too difficult, i've had to learn a few things, but I've built over 7 desktops in the last 2 years and try to troubleshoot/fix problems for family and friends. Will I be better off just to sit the exams of those three certifications to find a job? Should I go help desk level 1? I've applied to loads of computer IT technician roles/jobs and haven't been succesful at all. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Another great resource for studying the A+ is Professor Messer, CompTIA A+, Network+, Security+, Microsoft Certification Training. He has on-line training videos which are broke down into bite sized chunks.

    Plus they are FREE!

    Hope this helps

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    I used an old gateway computer I had lying around. Its got a pentium II and didnt work. By the time I finished my studies it worked and I actually use it for a few things.
    Currently reading: Network Warrior, Unix Network Programming by Richard Stevens
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