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I am by no means a expert when it comes to the different Cisco products, but I feel like I have a good firm grasp on what to buy.

You can get by with just 3 infrustructure devices. You need at least 2 routers so you can do the VOIP dial peers. The POTS dial peers can be done with just one router.

As far as what routers to buy, it depends on whether you run CCP in the normal mode or Demo mode. If you use CCP in Demo mode, you can get away with just 2620xms or similar device in that series and a 1760. A 2620xm makes for a good router because it has a network module slot where you can buy a module that has Unity Express. A 1760 router works really well because it has voice modules for your FXS and FXO ports. This is for integrating POTS. The only thing is make sure the image on the routers supports VOIP. This can be a VOIP image or an enterprise image that has both VOIP and Security.

As far as the switch is concerned, a catalyst c3550 works fine. It has POE and the necessary QoS. You don't need 2 switches although it will be good review.

Another thing to consider is the 2620xm only has 1 ethernet port. In order to run NAT with overload and connect to your Linksys or Netgear what ever the case may be, you might want to consider buying something similar that has 2 ethernet ports.

The ideal lab setup for infrustucture devices should look like this:
2801 CME router running 8.x (I'm sure 7 will work fine too). Use NAT overload and cable one to 3550 and another to your home router for Internet access for things like NTP.
1760 Gateway using the FXS and FXO ports (sold separately). The FXS port needs to have 2 or more ports.
c3550 switch

If you want to the complete lab, buy a PBX and an one more FXO port for your 2801. There is a demonstration in the officla certificaton gude how to connect to a PBX and do dial peers for that.

Now as far as connecting the non express servers running on your computer is getting easier as this certification matures. Finding version 8 or newer was hard. Jeremey in his CBT Nugget series doesn't use anything newer than 7.x. The book shows 8.x. If you can get 8, it will be easily to follow along in the book. However, with the version Jeremey uses for CCP and the version you'll likely use, they moved stuff around in there. You need CUCM (Call Manager, CUC (Cisco Unity Connection, aka voice mail), and CUPS (Cisco Unified Presence Server). VM-Ware workstation is by far the easiest and less hassle to go with although it does cost about $200. All 3 servers will run demo mode (unless they're selling an illegal product). CUCM will not expre. The other 2 will have a 90 day trial in which you can reinstall. Many Ebay sellers will run the installation for you and have the IP address already setup. In case you have trouble logging into the GUI, log in to the CLI, and run service utils service start Cisco. This command is not complete, but then you see a list of the services you need to start to get into the GUI. Turn on those services, or Google the names of each. Again this is only necessary for troubleshooting in case the GUI doesn't work. I ran into this and was ready to spend $250 on version 8 for these products.

Let's price it all out.
2801 $500 if you just get the voice image.
1760 less than $60
c3550 $60
Demo server software $200
VM-Ware Workstation $200

You can do this lab in about $800-1000. It can go down as low as $500 if you go with a 2600 router, but it must include a module to install unity either AIM or a network module, and then again you run CCP in Demo mode and use only the command line on the router.

Hopefuly that helps you newbies.


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    What about the Phones?

    Also 2801 needs a PVDM2 because its not built in like the 2811. For the 2801 you also need a 128MB flash as the advance IOS is requires it

    I realize if you have to move on to CCNP V, you will have to purchase a Cisco 7941 or 7961
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    I really would not recommend getting a 2801 for a router unless you find it for a great price. The 2811 and up are all priced in the same range and offer greater benefits and are also so much quieter then that annoying 2801.
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