Had A Costly "Oops" with PMI

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So, I knew I was getting close to my year of eligibility expiring for the PMP. I was thinking that it was in June for some reason (I still think it was, as a matter of fact). Anyhow, I got an email from PMI two days ago saying that it had expired. Well, the application process stinks, and I spent ~$600 on an exam that I didn't even attempt.

I accept good deal of responsibility for this, but PMI was real heavy on reminders early in the year of eligibility... and then nothing. I would have expected them to send a reminder a month out... but nope.

Anyone know of any recourse? Can I petition them to let me schedule the exam?
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    I never heard of this happening before. Most people are usually so keyed up for this exam they don't forget. I would see if you could get something out of the deal, it's worth your time.

    Are you a PMI member, that might give you a little more clout.
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    No, I am not a member of PMI.

    I paid the fee early because our reimbursement policy was going to change (we used to have a lot of liberty for training materials and exam fees outside of our normal training/tuition reimbursement, now we have none). I had planned on studying for the next couple of weeks, since I have a break from school, and then take it. I was actually quite shocked when I received the email, because I had been telling myself "June" for months on end. Hopefully there is something that I can do. If not, I may not ever pursue a PMI exam... There process is stringent enough as it is. It just seems odd that I didn't get a reminder leading up to it, as I got one every month for the first three months after paying my fee.

    EDIT: I just sent off an email to PMI about it. We'll see if anything comes of it.

    I guess my main thing was seeing a buddy of mine have a hard time with it and I kept putting it off. Hopefully they will be a little lenient here... not sure I would want to deal with them long-term (with continuing education and member fees) if they are willing to bend a bit... let alone go through that app and pay another ~$600. At least they offer a discounted retake price.... unlike (ISC)2.
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    They always got back to me within 1-2 days. I cancelled my PMP and transferred the money to the CAPM. They actually reimbursed me the money left over from the exchange. I received a nice letter from the rep after the fact wishing me luck and encouraging me to take the PMP when I feel ready. I have MS Project up tomorrow after that who knows I may go back for the PMP :)

    That's all I can offer in terms of how they may respond.
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    So, they gave me a rather terse response indicating that I need to pay again. C'est la vie.

    Anyhow, got news today of an opportunity within my company that is going to require everyone on the contract to get ITIL. Probably a much better stepping stone. I am just going to focus on finishing my MCITP EMA 2010 and ITIL... and then if I have time, I will revisit the VCP. Beyond that, more incentive to finish school sooner, rather than later, as well.
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    Honeslty if you pushed you probably could go beyond just accepting one email.. Maybe its just me..lol could not hurt to try.
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    Yeah, that is true... I will give it another shot.

    We'll see how it goes. If not, perhaps I will just call up AmEx to get a refund... they fight pretty card for their customers.
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    [QUOTE=powerfool;636750I spent ~$600 on an exam that I didn't even attempt.

    Me too. I finished the app in January and paid for a seat first week for April. Then I found out late that I had another certification exam for school the same day that I couldn't reschedule because of specific equipment and proctor requirements. I went back to Prometric to reschedule the PMP and was told it was not possible. I contacted PMI about it and got a rubber stamped canned response that said I forfeited the exam fee if I rescheduled within 2 working days.

    PMI touts ethics everywhere but I can't say their recent policy changes are not financially motivated and therefore shady. I'm still absorbing the loss of that exam fee and might not reschedule for a few more months. Talk about cheap shots by PMI and a major loss of good will.
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    My moderate persistence paid off... they gave me a 90 Day extension! Woot!
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    Nice. Time to knock it out!
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    Looks like you should be about done - how's it going?
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