Denver 5/19/12 Exam

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Hi all!

Just wanted to see who took the exam in Denver on 5/19/12. I took the SSCP and I got my butt kicked I think, lol

I used the latest AIO along with the StudiScope from ISC2. The AIO covered at least 85% of the material I ran into on the test while the StudiScope material gave me a pretty realistic view of what the test was actually like.

For the most part I felt prepared but a weakness I have come to realize that I have is my difficulty in choosing the best answer when all of them appear to be pretty much equal. I had to spend a lot of time recreating a similar scenario in my head to determine what would I, my superiors, or my organization would have done if something like this were to happen. If I pass, then I think it's safe to say that I got off lucky and that my organization is doing a lot of things right based on best practice. If not, then maybe we have organizational kinks to work out, haha

I think there were 60 of us in the room with 2 people taking the SSCP, 1 working on a concentration to the CISSP, and the rest were CISSP.

Win, lose, or draw, I will definitely keep working on it in the hopes of one day getting my CISSP.



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