Question in regards to FXO/FXS on a 2811 router

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I seem to have hit a brick wall here. I've got the CME lab up and running and one phone working with dial tone etc...hope to get the other one going tonight.

My problem is I want to get some analog going as well. I checked the Cisco site and found some very confusing and conflicting information, hope someone here can help me.

I have a 2811 router and want to install the FXS and FXO VICs. I'm looking at a Cisco NM-2V + VIC-2FXS VIC-2FXO or something similar on ebay.

The Cisco page I went to says that I need the NM-1V or 2V to use the VIC-FXO/FXS cards as they can't be directly installed on a 2811. Yet on another Cisco web page it says "The Cisco 2811, 2821, 2851, 3825, and 3845 voice routers do not support the NM-1V and NM-2V voice/fax network modules." icon_scratch.gif

Help please!!


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    Yeah, the older NM-1V/2V's were meant for the 26/36/3700 series routers.

    You'd need to look at the NM-HD-V series, or install VIC/VIC2's (being careful of the type) in the normal WIC slots and install PVDM's on the router systemboard.

    This link should help.

    Voice Hardware Compatibility Matrix (Cisco 17/26/28/36/37/38xx, VG200, Catalyst 4500/4000, Catalyst 6xxx) - Cisco Systems

    Ah....the joy of Cisco Voice!icon_lol.gif
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    So I should be looking for:


    That would work on a 2811?

    Wow, that's going to be pricey! Still haven't got a PC to run CUCM yet...icon_sad.gif

    Oh well, getting there slowly.
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    That would work. If only there was a way to make Cisco Voice cheaper to lab.

    If you are not using all 4 HWIC slots, you can put the VIC2's there and drop the NM-HD-2V entirely.

    My 2811:
    HWIC0: WIC-2T
    HWIC2: VIC2-4FXO
    NM Slot: NM-CUE

    But it might come as a $ trade-off (whichever is cheaper) with the VIC/NM option vs VIC2/HWIC+PVDM option, and if you need the NM slot for something else as well. And unfortunately VIC2's don't usually come cheap.
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    I've been checking out ebay for VICs and NM-HD-2V, they're actually not that expensive. The problem is the shipping costs to NZ, WOW!!! The shipping cost is as much, sometimes more, than the hardware!

    Guess I better start saving. icon_lol.gif
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    Unless its worth it, i will never pay for anything on eBay where the shipping costs actually eclipses the product. I just ignore those sellers
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    Unfortunately, NZ is pretty much at the bottom of the world and miles away from anywhere, so shipping cost are quite a bit.

    The really crazy thing is that some items cost $20 to ship from the US, but $200 to ship from Aussie! icon_scratch.gif We're MUCH closer to Aussie than the US...go figure...icon_lol.gif
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    I've noticed that online as well, plus international delivery times are sometimes faster than domestic times.icon_scratch.gif

    I'm sure some international sellers just have no idea of what "reasonable shipping cost" is, unless they are including a 1st class round-trip ticket for themselves as well.

    If you see anything in the land of Oz, send me a PM, I'd be happy to trans-ship for you.
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    Currently here's what i have in my lab for CCNA Voice and CCNP Voice

    2 2811
    1 1841
    2 Wic-1T
    3 7961 IP Phones
    1 VIC2-4FXO
    1 VIC- 4FXS/DID
    1 3550 24 (sadly) not a POE
    1 VWIC-1MFT-E1
    2 Analogue Phones
    A Dell PowerEdge 1950 with 8GB memory to run VMs

    I think i need 2 DSPs (PVDM2-16) for my 2811s and perhaps another VWIC-1MFT-E1 and i will be all set.

    A 3560 would be nice to have though you probably have to get lucky on eBay as they are quite expensive
    [h=2]"After a time, you may find that having is not so pleasing a thing, after all, as wanting. It is not logical, but it is often true." Spock[/h]
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    I also have a 2620XM and it looks like it might be a cheaper option to use this. If I am not mistaken I can use the following on this router?


    Looks a lot cheaper than puting NM-HD-2V, VIC2-2FXS and VIC2-2FXO into my 2811.

    Will this work?

    I was thinking about using the 2811 for a purely VoIP environment, and the 2620xm for Voip and analogue phones (probably one of each). I already have the 2811 set up with CME and have 3 phones and CIPC set up and working. Just want to practise setting up an old analogue phone and maybe hooking it up to the PSTN.
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    Yeah, the first generation voice kit is a lot cheaper, but getting harder to find.


    Will work fine in the 2600XM series.
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