I know alot of Exchange Administrators but none are certified

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Im planning to take both 70-662-70-663 tests in less than 30 days. Most likely the same day due to time constraints. I have several years of exchange experience. Its a personal goal for me because I dont know any exchange administrators that has his certification on 2003 or 2010. I will post the results once taken. Wish me luck.


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    Good luck.

    I still need to get mine scheduled. I'm booked solid until August already though, so not sure when I'm going to find time to squeeze these in.
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    I have seen the same as you - most of the exchange people I have enountered were not certified. Good luck!
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    All the exchange admins I have worked with didn't have certifications, but they had a lot of experience.

    I did notice on LinkedIn one of my former coworkers (exchange admin) finally did a MCTS 2010 Exchange certification. That was the first time I have seen that happen.
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