Do you have a preferred Window Manager?

paul78paul78 Senior MemberMember Posts: 3,016 ■■■■■■■■■■
Hanging out on this this forum has inspired me to re-build my lab over the past few months. I was even thinking about going for a LPI or RHCSA cert.

As part of upgrading my lab to prep for one of these certs - I was mulling over whether I should move to a different window manager. I'm not really interested in KDE or Gnome or any of the heavy weight desktop platforms. I'm seeking something for my main desktop which I would run Redhat or other Desktop VMs from.

I have been using twm for as long as I've used Unix and it's variants and I've never found anything better.

Does anyone have any other recommendations for light-weight window managers that they like?

I had used Sawmill for a short while as well. But I went back to twm. Currently, I'm looking at vtwm.



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