Must Have USB Tools?

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What are the apps that everybody needs to have on their USB thumb drive? What is your favorites?


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    There's way too many on my flash drive to list. CCleaner, SIW, and WinDirStat are frequently used. if you haven't already done so, I would check out the following sites: - Portable software for USB, portable and cloud drives
    The Portable Freeware Collection - Latest entries
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    I also like using the filehippo update checker (standalone version) on non-managed computers. Update Checker -
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    I have bootable WinXP, AVG and Win7. You have no idea how many times I've needed them. For everything else, there's my CDs with various tools. I don't like to put EVERYTHING on USB because they get hard to manage and much easier to lose
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    This really is a open ended question, so much depends what work you do. For example Iris mentioned ccopied of Windows, but as a network engineer I have no need of these at all, that kind of thing stays safly burried on a 500gb exxternal USB ddrive at the bottom of my bag/draw.

    On the other hand, wireshark, ip scanners, tftpd32 (tftp server), fileziller, cattools, putty and various other tools at the ones i keep to hand on a USB key. As well as a copy of my work related bookmarks
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    Backtrack bootable USB
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    Slapping together a good set of boot-accessible diagnostic and recovery tools is the way to go now that all PCs support USB booting. Several years ago, that wasn't the case and swapping CD/DVD media for various programs and compilations was no fun. Now I can fit it all on one fast and fat flash drive with room to spare for on the fly data recovery if need be.
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