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Hi dudes,

Just a quick question. I'm planning on beginning my CCNP R&S study, and was just wondering how long it took each one of you to master and pass each CCNP exam (Switch, Route, TShoot)? I know everyone is different, and we all learn at a different pace, but this is purely just out of curiosity. I want to get an idea of how long it will take me to finish my CCNP off.



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    Taking ROUTE tomorrow which will be three months from when I started studying. I've done CBT Nuggets, FLG, OCG, Element K courses, and Chris Bryant's videos. For labs, I did the lab manual, created my own scenarios, and labs from gns3vault. It really depends on the person and how much time they have for studying.
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    Route took me about 6 months to go through. However, I was also taking college courses so that slowed down my ccnp study a little. I'm actually just starting my Switch studies now (my signature's a little off). Haven't been able to start it due to the attention I needed for my college courses, but this summer will be all Switch.
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    Passed CCNA at the end of Feb - have ROUTE exam this day next week. I'm Using the FLG and OCG as well as GNS3vault.

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    took me 1 year for route with about 3 hours study each day of the week. Anticipating switch to take the same duration and tshoot to take half of that. I am aiming for 2.5 years in total. I generally go more indepth than required. You could do it in a fair bit less, depends on alot of things.
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    Took me 2 months per exam for ROUTE and SWITCH and 1 month for TSHOOT... 5 months total time.
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    WOWicon_eek.gif Your a beast!!!

    What did you use to study and did you have experience?
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    3 Months total from start to finish(Route in January, Switch in Feb and Tshoot at the beginning of April). Had a lot of push from work including field time and full blown out labs and CCIE's and fellow CCNP's giving me pointers. Biggest thing is keep a high level of intensity and drive and you can get though them. Just don't let the content intimidate, it may seem like a lot but if you have good foundation from your CCNA it all fits in logically for the most part and builds off what you already know, compartmentalizing is a very good trait to use as to keep all of the concepts separate until you know them fully and can start seeing how everything interconnects.
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    WOWicon_eek.gif Your a beast!!!

    What did you use to study and did you have experience?

    OCG, FLG, INE's CCNP videos, and lotsa labs from the Cisco Press books. I'm currently working as a network engineer, although ISP side of the house, so much of it was review, except the switching part because I don't touch much Layer 2, save Metro Ethernet and Frame Relay.
    Reading: Internetworking with TCP/IP: Principles, Protocols, and Architecture (D. Comer)
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    ROUTE - 3.5 months
    SWITCH - In progress but I estimate 3.5 months

    I study for 3 hours a day Mon-Fri and 5-6 hours on Sat and Sun.

    ROUTE Passed 1 May 2012
    SWITCH Passed 25 September 2012
    TSHOOT Passed 23 October 2012
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    Passed CCNA 4/3/12. Passed CCNP Route 5/24/12. Study time ranging from 2-12 hours per day, I'd make a rough estimate and guess around 5 hours daily on average. I can't speak for switch yet but managed to get through the foundation guide cover-to-cover within a week. Now I am patiently waiting for my L2 switches.
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    I took CCNP when it was 4 tests and it took me a year.
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