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Meyers goes into a LOT of detail with subnetting. Anyone know how much focus CompTIA puts on this?


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    I would say just know what subnetting is used for and the default subnet masks of each class of IP address. As far as calculating subnet masks Net+ does not go into too much detail, just remember that bits are borrowed from the host portion of the IP address
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    Thanks for the info gojericho0
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    The exam I took only has what gojericho0 mention; just the default fo subnet, the range of classes the ip falls in. Don't worry about how to subnet; I believe the CCNA exam goes deeply into this. After all, the Network+ exam is very general. My suggestion about knowing what's what's on the test is to read what other people posted. This should give you many hints on the test. good luck
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    Their is not a great detail of question on subnettting, accept basic questions like CLASS A network has how may host or class range questions.
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