Basic Netscaler Administration

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My boss got me a free voucher for online Netscaler training to eventually take the 1Y0-A21 test. I started it yesterday and it's pretty interesting. Does anyone else have experience with Netscaler? Any thoughts on it?
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    I went through a training course conducted by Citrix last year when my company started to deploy them in a VDI project. My group was primarly responsible for operational support but I haven't touched one since then.

    They have a lot of nice features combined into one platform where typically you'd have to buy multiple products (e.g. SSL VPN and load balancing).
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    I did the Access Gateway EE class which covers about two days of the 5 day netscaler class. I like working with them. Wish the VPN client wasn't such a pain.

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    I work with the Netscaler on a daily basis and am CCA for Netscaler 9.2. In terms of studying for the test I would stick to Load Balancing and check out the network traffic guide that Citrix provides: That really goes into the nitty gritty. Its a long read but it shows alot of the cool things a Netscaler can do. The best way is to get a VPX license and download it and try setting it up. I believe Citrix offers trial licenses
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    Thanks so much! I got through two of the online training modules and then got slammed with work. My SO is leaving town for 3 weeks so I should get a chance to study up on this stuff on the weekends for the next month
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    Just had my first experience with an NS today. How do you get a mapping of the HTTP/HTTPS flows across multiple devices? I haven't got time to read through all other PDFs. Maybe I'll just open a ticket with Citrix and whine to them. ;)
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