prep logic pratice exams..

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Are they harder than the real test? Did the one that came with my Exam Cram book and didn't do as well as I would of liked. taking my Exam next week so i'm getting scared now.. icon_eek.gif


  • thisisalex02thisisalex02 Senior Member Member Posts: 136
    check it dude...if you really want to pass do this. Purchase the technotes. I read through the entire technotes three times. Make sure you can answer the end of chapter test as well as the bonus exam at the end. If you are able to answer all of those correctly and understand the concept behind the question rather than cramming then you cant fail. I took 002 if your taking 003 just brush up on the new objectives.. GOOD LUCK MAN!
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  • sdeyoungsdeyoung Member Member Posts: 109 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I have been reading through the technotes.. Also used the Exam cram 2 book.. I don't move on unless i'm able to answer each question and the end of each chapter in the technotes.. Will take the bonus exams when i'm done reading.. I guess i'm just getting nervous.. icon_confused.gif
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    Which version are you taking, new or old? If it's the old, those Technotes are all you need.
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  • sdeyoungsdeyoung Member Member Posts: 109 ■■■□□□□□□□
    it's the old one.. N10-002
  • sdeyoungsdeyoung Member Member Posts: 109 ■■■□□□□□□□
    just took the first bonus exam included with the technotes.. got 6 wrong out of 30. Good or bad? Gonna go over the stuff I got wrong and read through the technotes a couple of more times before Monday..
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    I use the PrepLogic practice exams and I feel that they are very helpful. I wish I used them before I took the Network+ exam the first time. I feel more confident now that I'm going to take the test again!

    The interface is just like the actual exam and the questions, I FEEL, are just as tricky. I would use them up as much as possible.
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