CCNA Security tomorrow 3pm!!!

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I had read the books and labbed about 8 months ago then my company was bought and I never went back to it. Just went over the material this weekend and hit 95% average for all practice questions. Scheduled the exam for tomorrow.

Work is making me get a CCNP Voice ( i dont really want it and am not interested in it ) by the end of the year so i'm hoping I can fit in CCNP security by Mid September. I have years of cisco ASA experience to help out with those exams :)


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    May I ask, why are you getting your CCNA:S when you have CCNP? It seems like a step backwards. Why not get the CCNP:S instead? I don't understand how Cisco does their certs is the CCNA:S a requirement for CCNP:S?
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    Yep, CCNA:S is a requirement for CCNP:S. It's one of the reasons why I opted to renew my CCNA with the :S rather than with a CCNP test. I'm going to have to obtain it in order to continue on the :S track, so I might as well complete it now. It's also the case for Voice and I have to assume in the future if there's another Cisco fork, they'll follow the same formula.

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  • PhildoBagginsPhildoBaggins Member Posts: 276
    That was a cheese test. 966/1000 in less than 30 min lol.
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    whoa awesome score!! I'm guessing you work every day with Cisco and it has become second nature to you. Are you going to take the CCNP S next?
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    OP has been murdering Cisco certs with really nice scores. Didn't you score 100% on CCNP TSHOOT?
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    YFZblu wrote: »
    OP has been murdering Cisco certs with really nice scores. Didn't you score 100% on CCNP TSHOOT?

    Yep 1000/1000 on TSHOOT, 940/1000 on QoS but as the previous posted said...its real easy test wise when you work on this stuff day in day out!!!
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    Congratz on the pass and nice score!
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    Good work! That is a great score.
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