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Hello all. A little about me. I am currently working in a non-it field, as a corrections officer. I completed my Associates in Computer Technology in 2009. During those 2 years in school I worked in the computer lab where people could bring in their computers and students fixed them for free. I do not have any certification but i am currently studying for the security+ exam. I am taking this exam first because the local library had the book and i am very strapped for cash at the moment. Anyway I'm trying to make my way back into the IT field and feel that my resume is not as good as it could be. Any help would be greatly appreciated .

Orangeburg- Calhoun Technical College, Orangeburg, SC
Associate of Arts, Computer Technology May 2009

  • Familiar with Java, Macintosh OS (Tiger, Leopard) Microsoft office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7)
  • Proficient in PC repair, setup and installation, various peripheral devices and data entry.
  • Working knowledge of Linux/Unix systems including
    • Administrative
    • General shell commands
    • File-related shell commands
    • Job control and I/O
    • Edit text files using an editor

Relevant Work Experience

Aerotek, Columbia, SC 10/08-09/09
ATM Technician
  • Troubleshoot and repair ATM machines
  • Installed Institution specific software onto ATM systems
  • Maintained safe and organized working environment by adhering to OSHA guidelines

Orangeburg – Calhoun Technical College, Orangeburg, SC 10/07-05/09
Computer Lab Technician
  • Responsible for troubleshooting and repairing personal computers and laptops
  • Installed various software programs
  • Replaced and Repaired hardware components (HDD, CD/DVD drives, Ram)

Orangeburg – Calhoun Technical College, Orangeburg, SC 02/08-10/08
Java and Microsoft Office Suite Tutor
  • Assisted students in understanding programming structure and flow
  • Explained to students how to debug java programs and understand error messages
  • Guided students in navigation and operation of Microsoft Office

Other Work Experience

South Carolina Department of Corrections, Columbia, SC 2012-Current
Correctional Officer
  • Supervise inmate activity
  • Responsible for transportation and security of inmate
  • Prepare written reports concerning incidences of inmate disturbances or injuries
  • Observe conduct and behavior of inmates to prevent disturbances and escapes

KFC 03/11-11/11
Cashier, Promoted to Shift Supervisor
  • Assisted in creating schedule for employees
  • Performed inventory and place order for product
  • Gave employees performance reviews to improve customer satisfaction
  • Ensured employees followed food safety standards and guidelines

Teleperformance USA, Columbia, SC 11/09-09/10
Customer Service Representative
  • Answered customer billing and programming questions and provide basic technical support
  • Assisted in changing and upgrading television programming


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    First of all, "thanks" for what you do now! I know firsthand that is not an easy job, and generally thankless.

    Second, I would expand on your technical experience as much as possible, and minimize the other experience (while still listing it). For example, the KFC bullet- cut that down to maybe 2 bullets, and change title from "Cashier, promoted to shift supervisor" to "shift supervisor" (since you left there with that title I assume), and make those 2 bullets general "summary" bullets about your duties there.

    Finally, I would list somewhere, that you are pursuing your Security+. I know it sounds silly, to list "certifications" and put that you're pursuing one, and have zero- but to an employer, this shows you're dedicated to IT, and will be around a little while. I don't say this to sound negative, but you have held a lot of different positions in seemingly unrelated fields, which could lead an employer to wonder how long you'll stay with them. That being said, listing that you are pursuing a cert (or have one)- would help to dispell that vibe a bit.

    Just my $.02, good luck to you!

    Edit: Also, if you're strapped for cash, use the resources available online..there are numerous documents, PDF's, blogs, videos, etc- that can help you along the way.
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    Thank you very much. I appreciate your advice (and support of my current job). I understand what you mean about the different jobs in unrelated fields. I am worried about that also. In my area, after i was laid off as a ATM tech it was very difficult to find a job, I did what i had to do to make ends meet. I'm hoping that by the end of the year i will have my security+ and A+ and if i can land any IT job I will take it, even if it's less than what I am making now. And also next year I am going to Apply to WGU and finish my degree.
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    Understood regarding making ends meet- I would do the same. I just wanted to point that out from the hiring companies standpoint. You'll be fine. Hardest part is landing that first "real" IT job.
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    While I like the idea of separating relevant and non relevant work experience, it might show more fluid work experience if you have them listed in chronological order. A good number of employers will understand making ends meet and look towards your previous experience as a foundation for a decent IT role. Especially with the addition of certifications and the ambition of getting more (as Mrock4 said).

    Another thing is to detail your experience more. You have 3 places to detail your skills, the cover letter, the resume, and the interview. In most cases you won't get to the interview without some detail and interest in your resume. So, elaborate on the technical positions even when they don't directly apply to the role you're applying to.

    Good luck and keep striving for success.
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