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Has anybody heard of or trained with the above company? Im looking to re-sit my CCNA certification having narrowly failed it some months ago. I currently work as a chef and was planning to take a week off to do a boot camp before I re-sat the exam again (just to be sure this time!). Dont have a great deal to spend on it or much time to study while working due to the hours I do. Any helpful info gratefully received.


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    Hi mate, have you thought of taking the CCNA in the two path route? I've done a bootcamp with Commsupport, and found them to be very good. I should have done more preparation beforehand to get the most of the bootcamp. Especially practicing more labs myself on packet tracer. As this will help when you attend a course. The course is thorough, starting at 830-9am and finishing at 5-6pm, with the morning being theory and the afternoon being labs. I really like their elearning site, with full videos and practical examples, Joe also runs free weekly webinars.

    How long have you been studying for? And goodluck with the future career change!
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    Cheers lads
    Thanks for the advice much appreciated.
    Had a look at commssuport Cerebro and there prices seem very reasonable, although I would have to factor in the cost of staying 5 nights in Finchley. They do list a Manchester office but there appear to be no course dates for that office. May be worth just paying a visit on my day off.

    I passed all 4 CCNA exploration courses between Jan and Oct 2011. I attended a Cisco academy 3 days a week (which cost a fortune) plus was only working 2 days in order to spend as much time on my study. When I finished and failed my certification exam I had to go back to full time work as was broke by this time and had no more savings to live on!! My job and its unsociable hours make any serious study near impossible tho I try to keep a finger in as much as poss. I still have access to the Cisco Netacad online materials as well as notes and packet-tracer labs.

    Thanks again chaps and good luck with your own goals
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    I would try calling commsupport to say you're interested in the Manchester course, and whether any new dates will spring up. They are a helpful bunch. If you are down in London, give me a shout. Its always good to meet ccna'ers. If you do go with the course, I highly recommend using their elearning system for a week(s), it is very indepth...200+ videos, tasks etc, so when you do the course. You can ask for specific help and got more out of it, I wish I had done this more myself.

    Where you doing the CCNA with the OU? As they offer courses within that time frame. I had looked at the OU previously, but the timeframe seemed too much. But I've spent longer studying for the CCNA so far!

    I have Paul Brownings CCNA Simplified, and it is very good imo. I like the full show run outputs in it, and also the labs at the back. However I needed something more beefy aswell, so I bought Todd Lammels CCNA book. Brownings way to subnetting has really clicked with me, the chart is very easy to write down or remember in my head. He includes remote lab access through his site, which was good but I couldn't enter some commands. So I don't know if this has been rectified. The monthly price was too much for me, as money is tight. But I think he has a low trial price for a week.
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    Just had a look at this and they look really good, im based in Manchester too, if you get any positive information please let me know reynolds.

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    Hye Cerebro,
    Im going to pop up to the Manchester office today and see what I can find out.
    I did the CCNA Exploration course through Manchester College which has an official Cisco Academy. I was allowed to take module exams as and when I felt ready which helped speed things up, but as I say it worked out very expensive for me. Especially as I was living on my savings at the time.
    It was hard work getting it done in that time. But as I was on it nearly every moment of my spare time it helped keep it fresher in my head than say doing 2 evenings a week and having to try and remember the last class everytime. Also the 3 days I was there were pretty full on.

    Cheers again for the answers
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    I wouldn't spend too much money on obtaining CCNA; it can be done using books, video material and Packet Tracer.
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