Passed RHCE

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I am very excited to say that I passed the RHCE test (second attempt)!!

After months of studying I enjoyed powering off my lab machine and putting the study books on the shelf.

Going to take a few months off to relax then start on my next certification.


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    Congratulations! :) Any idea on what you are going to pursue next?
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    Congrats! I'm jealous. icon_lol.gif

    How long did it take you to prepare for it? What resources did you use? What's your experience with Linux? I am sure many of us would like to know how you accomplish it.
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    For the last 5 years I have been supporting Linux part-time (50% of my time is on Microsoft and 50% Linux). I used Jang’s RHCE book, Linux in a Nutshell for reference, and countless Google searches.

    The EX200 was fairly easy for me as I have Linux+/LPIC 1 and the requirements are normal day to day tasks. But the EX300 really caught me off guard the first try. I thought I was ready but wasn’t.

    In total, with the retake of EX300, I spent about 5 months preparing. I started off slow, only spending a 4 or 5 hours a week preparing, as the exams got closer the more time I spent.

    Haven’t really decided what cert to try for next. Maybe LPIC-2, or CISSP. My ultimate goal would be to completely drop the MS support and go 100% Linux.
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    Thanks for taking your time to reply back. I really appreciated it. I don't think you should do any of the LPIC exams but I could be wrong. You are on the right track, and IMHO, you are pretty marketable right now in the Linux world. The next Linux/UNIX step I think you should take is to get Oracle Solaris certs if your employer actually use their OSes. The only problem with this is that you are required to take their $3K training course if you want to become certify.
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    Congratz on the pass!
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    I took the Oracle Solaris 10 Admin test, just before they imposed the classroom requirement. There are a number of classes that meet the classroom requirement, but the cheapest is still $2K, plus travel expenses. The cert is two test, each were $300 when I took them.
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    Congratulations on passing a touch exam icon_cheers.gif

    More RHCEs on TE icon_cool.gif

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    Awesome news. Congratulations on your accomplishment.
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    Congratulations and welcome to TE's small RHCE Club icon_wink.gif
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    congrats and best of luck in the future! =)
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    Congrats! And way to be persistent!
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    Congrats! That's one of the biggest achievement! so wanna be like u...
    localhost wrote: »
    Haven’t really decided what cert to try for next. Maybe LPIC-2, or CISSP. My ultimate goal would be to completely drop the MS support and go 100% Linux.

    may be RHCA ? :)
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    Thanks everyone for the “congrats”

    In 2003 I was let go from a high paying tech job, at the time I didn’t have any certs or degree. For 6 months I was looking, and even though I had 5 years experience, no one was calling me on my resume. That’s when I started achieving certifications. Once I had my A+ and Net+ I was able to get an entry-level position, with a 75% pay cut from my last job. I stuck with that job for a little over 2 years while I achieved more certifications. Those certifications gave me the edge I needed over others who applied for my current job. Now, after 6 years I try to achieve 1 new cert a year.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, all the certs I have didn’t come overnight, It took 9 years. And, I believe that anyone with the motivation can do just as well, or actually even better than me.

    But RHCA? Now that’s just crazy talk…icon_lol.gif Who knows, may start down that road in the future.
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    Congrats! :D
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    Congrats on an awesome achievement...!!
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