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I have a question/problem. I self studied for the A+ exam because I wanted to try a new career path. Needless to say, I passed the 701 and am gearing up for studying for 702. The problem: I've never worked in the IT field before. How do I break through? I work a full-time job now, so I can't swing an internship. Shouldn't it count for something that I studied on my own and passed? icon_sad.gif



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    They don't necessarily care how you studied, just be able to answer the interviewers questions correctly :)
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    Welcome to TE. Do you have any IT experience, no matter how small? Are you transitioning from another field? What's your story?
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    kirsteng wrote: »
    Shouldn't it count for something that I studied on my own and passed? icon_sad.gif
    What matters to most employers is that you have the certification and know the topics.

    And no, I don't think it should be any different. While you may argue learning on your own demonstrates talent, another may argue organizing a study group demonstrates leadership, and yet another may argue that ante'ing up for a course demonstrates commitment. The one objective, measurable fact is that your respective skills culminated in an A+ and no more.

    But don't let this stop you from selling your talent. :)
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    I have no tech experience besides being the go to person in the office when anything breaks or acts up on the computer. I am a job counselor and instructor ( I teach customer service and life skills), so I'd be transitioning from that field to IT. It only took me 2 1/2 weeks to study for the exam and pass, so I pick things up pretty quickly. I was thinking of ordering CompTIA's A+ course for the lab part of it, but just not sure if that's the way to go. My goal is to go from A+ to Network security. I've never been on an interview in the IT field so I'm freaking out on what they could possibly throw at me!!! lol.

    Thanks for the welcome!!! This place is so cool and helpful
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    Well you are not going to go anywhere until you apply and interview. So first worry about getting an interview which starts with your resume. The resume will get you an interview and how you do on an interview gets you a job. Also if you can volunteer at the public library, church, or any other place for even just a few hours a week it will count towards experience. If you have an interview the person(s) doing the interview are already going to be aware that your experience is low, so they are probably fine with that. What they will want is to see your personality and if you will be a good fit in the environment. Since you already teach customer service and life skills you should be fine with that part.

    I would pursue the Network+ followed by the CCNA if want to go into networking and if you have no experience or much networking knowledge. IT field isn't always the easiest place to break into, so to do so you must be persistent.
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    Just apply for jobs that interests you and need A+ and do mention about your certification. Keep applying (as David Welsh from Richmond Solutions said 'apply until your fingers bleed') , sure you will have some interviews soon where you will be able to demonstrate your knowledge. Till that time, keep learning more!

    Good luck!
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