Passed 70-299 today

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Passed with a 725. I was supposed to take this test yesterday, but Prometric had some problems getting the testing applicant information down to the testing center I was at. I had to suffer another day of waiting before I took the test today. This was a difficult test to say the least. I used CBT Nuggets, Learnkey, and the MS Press book. The study materials I used covered all of the topics on the test well, except for PKI it seems. Total number of questions on test is 35 with 95 minute test time. I would say maybe 7-8 questions involving a PKI and these questions were alot more involved than any of the study materials that I used. MS Press has a book dealing specifically with PKI, and I would definitely suggest it to be part of the reading materials for anyone taking this test. I did not, and now I am going to read it so I can make more than educated guesses :D on some of these PKI problems in the real world.


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    Congrats, what's next on your list?
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    i remain, he who remains to be....
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    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    Not much on my list after this for now, excpet for finding a job. I quit my job a number of months back to spend full time to getting the certification I have been trying to get started on for years, but never had time because of work. Once I get back to work, will finish of my MS Track and go up to a MCSE. Maybe even drop in the Messaging specialization, or switch back over to Cisco and go for my CCNP.
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    i pass the exam and i score the same 725

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    What next?
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