Its time for the 70-640.

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Looking for any final input and encouragement so forgive the probably repetitive title.

I will be sitting for my 70-640 exam this Saturday. I'm taking the Friday before off as a study/relax day to mentally prepare.

I feel fairly welll prepared, I have read the MS Press 70-640 book on Server 2008 twice (note not R2, just 2008 - my company had a copy), I have sat through training for both the 6425 and the 6426, I have read at least half of the Sybex book, and I have passed practice exams numerous times through Crammaster (New Horizons provided it for me). To say the least I've been religious about my preparation. I have labbed like you would not believe and I actually do some of this as part of my profession.

I'm kind of to the spot where I'm trying to hone in on DNS, CS, RMS, and FS as those seem to be the area's I'm least comfortable in. I'll be studying them heavily over the next few days and reading through some of the 70-642 material I have as I hear it can help with some of the DNS stuff.

Wish me luck!
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    good luck, that is a hard test
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    Break a leg. I hope to be following in your footsteps soon enough. Want to get through the 70-685 first.
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    Good luck. My biggest problem with exams is always the last minute nerves when I feel like I know nothing lol......don't overthink it and it should be ok.
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    Good luck and let us know how you do.
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