Passed Sec+ SY0-301

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Hello all, I passed the Sec+ SY0-301 last week. 860/900 I studied with the Darril Gibson book and the SY0-301 Sec+ Cert guide. Both these books are excellent and easy to understand. Did all questions in both books and purchased premium digital content from Pearson. 70% off coupon in book sleeve. If you use these two books to study you just can't fail. Good luck to all of you! Michael Note: I enrolled at WGU after reading a lot of good posts on this forum. I start Jan. 1. You all have inspired me to learn learn learn. Hopefully I will get a job in the tech field someday. Thanks everyone!


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    Congrats on the pass! I think you listed the exam code for Net+ though :)

    If you don't start til Jan.1 you have A LOT of time to do self learning. I don't know if you have any transfer credits, but if you spent the next 4.5months learning on your own you could really fly through the program once you start.
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    Test number fixed. Thanks kgb. About WGU, I will get credit for the Comptia Certs and some of the classes will be waived. I'm not sure which yet. I am anxious to get started, I just have to get some vacation time out of the way first. I'm not sure if I will be able to "fly through" but we'll see. Good job on your progress!! Any tips for WGU ? thanks kgb
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congratz on the pass!
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    Congrats on pass and thanks for the suggestion on books..
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    Congrats! I hope to take the Sec+ exam by next fall, I will definitely use the Darril Gibson book
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    Congrats on the Pass! I really need to regain my focus on this. I read the book a couple months ago but got a new job and lost focus. Time to regrind on the questions from the book again.
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    Outstanding! I have Security + next term. I understand a lot of the questions/topics in Net+ prepare you for the Security +. At least I hope so. Best of luck to you in WGU!
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