Passed Security+

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Passed MTA Security Fundamentals(93%) & CompTIA Security+(872/900) this morning.
  • Darril Gibson's book: Microsoft Security Fundamentals (provided by WGU)
  • Darril Gibson's book: Security+ Guide ($10 kindle version...seriously, if you are taking the Sec+ exam there's no reason not to spend the $10 for such an incredible resource and a shout out to Darril for making it available at what I believe is the perfect price point)
  • I also purchased his "Remember This" mp3's of the security+ guide book. Listened to them while doing yard work, etc.
  • Labsim/TestOut provided by WGU (actually went through 50% of the videos, and read most of the fact sheets, did their practice test)
  • MeasureUP MTA 98-367 practice Exams
I'm definitely a visual cert fanboy. I created practice exams of all the questions from all the books.

Officially done with networking certs!

Onwards to Database Courses now.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Awesome job. That seems like a lot of materials you studied!
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    Congratz x 2
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    Congrats! Good luck on the rest of the WGU courses - keep us posted.
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  • kgbkgb Posts: 380Member
    Awesome job. That seems like a lot of materials you studied!


    And ya...I spent around 50-60hrs studying over 10days. My brain started to feel like mush.
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    Congrats!!! i felt so good once i passed the Security +... i cried in front of the monitor.. Tests always make me so tense
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    Congrats on the passes. Glad the MTA and Security+ books helped.

    Best of luck with the database courses.
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    I just passed Security+ exam . I didn't use an awful lot of resources..the Sybex (white & red)security+ book with extensive clarifications and.
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    Congratulations...! icon_cheers.gif

    Thank you for posting the resources that you used!
    I will be using Testout/Labsim, but will check out some of your references as well.
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    Great score, great job, congrats!!!
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    Very nice job, one of the higher scores I have seen. Keep it going!
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