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Hey all, i'm sure we have all suffered form this at different times. I'm currently struggling icon_redface.gif i'm a new System Administrator and have so many options for certs i would like to study/take and many projects that are currently going on that need a little bit of each skill. How to just buckle down and pick one?
  • CCENT1&2
  • VCP
  • Linux+
  • Server+
  • JN0-101
I also have a myriad of things i'm trying to learn like managing systems. Each time i start one track of certification i feel as if i'm missing out on another and start working towards that? Flip a coin icon_confused.gif:


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    kriscamaro68kriscamaro68 Member Posts: 1,186 ■■■■■■■□□□
    Pass on the Server+ as it really is just the A+ with more raid and server memory questions. I would focus on an exam that relates to the OS you are working with. From the looks of the tests you want to take I am guessing Linux so I would start there.
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    Make a list of the O/Ses you are supporting.

    Then prioritize that list into what you see yourself supporting the most.

    Since you sound like you're a Linux shop, I would start with Linux+. If Redhat is the O/S of choice over there, then you could look at the Redhat certs. If you think your Linux skills are that good that Linux+ would be too basic, then jump into the Redhat.

    Whatever you do, concentrate on taking certs for the stuff you are supporting at your gig. E.g., if you're a Linux shop, don't get into the Microsoft certs (and vice-versa.) If you're not touching Cisco gear, don't go for your CCNA. Though I would advice to take A+/Network+/Security+ just so that you have a basic understanding of what it is you're doing (at the very least Network+.)
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    I concur with what the other guys have said. But I'd not touch any of the comptia's at all mate. I have almost NEVER seen an ad asking for a comptia cert. Once/twice I've seen the A+ required, but that was working for a PC repair centre. Doesnt sound like what your doing.

    So I'm with the others on the other certs. Go for the cert depending on the technology you support or enjoy working with. In fact, gun for it. You'll learn a lot and may be able to do your job better. Good luck with whatever you go for.
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    AkaricloudAkaricloud Member Posts: 938
    It really just boils down to what you enjoy the most and what you think would help you most. I was in a very similar position and went for VCP5(And loved it!), although now I'm back in the same boat as well. If you're working with Windows have you considered a MCITP or even the new MCSA/MCSE?
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    Essendon wrote: »
    I concur with what the other guys have said. But I'd not touch any of the comptia's at all mate. I have almost NEVER seen an ad asking for a comptia cert.
    I have seen a lot of Aussies say this. Since OP is in Australia, it applies. I wouldn't apply that advice in the U.S., though.

    OP, pick what you think will interest you the most. There are valid career options in any of these areas. If you really don't know, flip a coin or roll a die.
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    dontstopdontstop Member Posts: 579 ■■■■□□□□□□
    Cheers for the replies guys :)

    I will take that advice in, I think the major problem at the moment is being in a new job i've seen all this new technology come at me and i'm a kid in a candy store wanting to learn everything and potentially falling into the trap of learning nothing.

    I've been thinking about doing my CCNA, but instead i will go through the CBT nuggets/Train Signal videos i have in my lesure time and play with my lab and focus on studying for my RHCSA. I was not confortable doing my CCNA while at the same time learning so many new concepts for the first time, i know some people are happy to do so. But i would personally rather get the cert in my stronger Unix area and play with the Networking stuff

    Thanks all, +rep for all.
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    antielvisantielvis Member Posts: 285 ■■■□□□□□□□
    I think many of us experience what you experience. We start a certification path, but then think how much cooler it would be to do something else icon_wink.gif. Here's a few thoughts

    Server+: This isn't an exam that will garner you a great deal of interest. If you want to pound off a quick exam with minimal study time, Server+ is it. I read a book from Lau and wrote the exam.

    VCP: Great exam, but you're required to take their course before you can be certified. The course is expensive and it's usually out of town too. This is the type of exam you get your employer to pay for.

    CCNA: Every server guy should have this. Understanding subnets, VLAN's and routing is beneficial to anyone running servers because data packets and servers go hand in hand. If you do this, take it in two parts & consider taking the CCT Routing and Switching. It'll teach you about the CISCO equipment in your server room.

    Linux+. Completing this now qualifies you to get your LPIC-1 as far as I understand. I can't see this hurting & it would definitely demonstrate you understand the basics of Linux.

    Red Hat anything: If you've got the time, how can you go wrong with this? It's a serious commitment and judging by the syllubus of the exams I wouldn't partake in this unless you have real, CURRENT hands on Linux experience. And when I say hands on experience it's NOT with KDE icon_wink.gif

    One thing you could consider is storage certs. The stuff EMC and NetApp put out is pretty complex & I've seen companies with entire teams dedicated to storage.
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    it_consultantit_consultant Member Posts: 1,903
    I am going to second storage but I would say the Brocade certs are worth quite a bit:


    Every SAN guy I know has or wants to have those.
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