Make Open Office open faster and load documents faster

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Since upgrading to the latest version of OO (3.4) we noticed a slow down in how long it would take to initially open the program and documents created with it.

I found this solution, and it seems to work from version 3.0 and above, and thought I would pass it along to those who use Open Office at work and/or at home.

Start Open Office and click on Tools > Options. This should open the configuration. Click on Memory in the left menu and change the following settings:
• Number of Steps: 30
• Use for Open Office: 128
• Memory per Object: 20
• Number of Objects: 20 . Once finished, click on Java in the left menu afterwards and uncheck "Use a Java Runtime Environment". Click ok, then close Open Office and re-open. You should see a big difference.


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    Does this remove the dependency on using JRE? I know with the java exploit going around and the PSA I sent out to all my after hours customers, some are concerned as they use LibreOffice/Open Office.
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    Nice! Big thanks + rep for this tip!
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