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Fw quick questions:

1.) If I have no experience in IT, and no prior certifications, will a Linux+ be able to get me a job?

2.)Will I be able to get a Linux+ w/o A+ and N+? I know its not an official pre-req, but I mean is the knowledge in A and N+ mandatory?

3.) how much is the pay range if you have no work exp, no other IT certs, just Linux+?



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    I might be wrong, but it could be that you seem to expect a bit too much from certifications in themselves. The short answers, 1. No, 2, Yes, 3. 0-0.
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    Certifications get your foot in the door for a first interview with a prospective employer. After that, it's what you have in your head and what you say with your voice that gets you the job.
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    But will I be able to get a job? The cert must do something for me no? Then whats the point if not?

    What is an entry level Linux salary?

  • JDMurrayJDMurray Admin Posts: 13,014 Admin
    Certification are a way to show what you know and help hiring managers decide to interview you. Certs, like college degrees, are not a guaranteed ticket to employment.

    Salaries vary based on the job, the business, and geographical region. You need to look at job postings on Monster, Dice, etc. to get an idea of salary ranges in your area and for what you want to do on Linux. You may find there there is no job postings for an "entry level" Linux administrator. It's just one of many skill that you will acquire. You may need to start in some other job and help out the more experienced admins and work you way into it laterally.
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    What JDMurray said.
    recktechie wrote: »
    The cert must do something for me no? Then whats the point if not?
    A cert validates one's knowledge on a specific subject and improves one's chances of getting an offer letter, nothing more nothing less. How much it improves the chances depends on the rest of the person's portfolio, as well as the cert itself, its relevance to the job, other candidates' cases, and so on. The added value could be zero in some cases.
    recktechie wrote: »
    entry level Linux
    Until Linux gets its desktop share, this is oxymoron
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    There are entry-level Linux jobs out there. For example, companies such as web hosts need level 1 support staff that can do basic troubleshooting of Linux boxes. The starting pay will vary by region. Linux+ should help with getting an interview for such a position.
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