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Hello, I was wondering if someone can suggest some security courses. I have no certificate only high school degree in IT. I was thinking to try something between CEH and OSCP. The main point is, I would like to use the certificate in order to find easier a job into it security environment. I have general knowledge about Linux, I use most of the well-known distributions but I'm not a programer. I am using backtrack for a while already and I'm self-learning metasploit and other tools. I really need an advice. Thank you


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    mb CCIE Security.
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    mb CCIE Security.

    That is way overkill for someone just starting out.

    @Tuxiqul: Start out with the Security+. It's a great introduction to the security world and is a good entry-level security certification. From there you could move into more advanced security certifications. I would also seriously consider what you want to do in the security realm. Most security professionals begin as Network or System Administrators so maybe consider going down the Microsoft or Cisco path.
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    Thanks, I was wondering if there is a place where can I take some courses for this cert. in London ? Where you recommend ?
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    I'd recommend picking up a book. I studied for it using a book and passed. I can't remember what the name of the book was. I know that Darril Gibson has good one that many on this forum have used to pass:

    CompTIA Security+: Get Certified Get Ahead: SY0-301 Study Guide: Darril Gibson: 9781463762360: Books
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    CCNA Security
    CCNA & CCNA Security will grantee u to get a job , hopefully a security-related job

    just after that, go for CEH / OSCP or anything u want
    CCNA Security Knowledge will help a lot of your understandings in CEH / OSCP... :)

    remark : to take CEH exam, u must be over 21 years old
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    It sounds like OP definitely wants to be a pentester.

    Security+ might be a good start to help you get your first job, as will CCNA and CCNA Security. That being said, if you want to be more of an app pentester than a networker pentester, I wouldn't delve too far into the Cisco track. OSCP will be your goal as an app pentester.

    CISSP should be another goal, but that will require some experience.
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    ptilsen, which certifications are geared toward network pentesting?
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