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I am looking for advice on what certifications to pursue next but first let me give you my experience etc.
A+, SEC+, CCNA, and CCNP.
I am 22 years old and I am preparing myself to get out of the army in 18 months from now. I currently have 4 years experience working in networking from basic tech to my currently role as a network admin mainly configuring routing protocols (OSPF, BGP), ACLs, and firewalls (ASA and Juniper Netscreen). Before I joined the army I worked at geek squad as a computer repair technician for 2 years. I will finish my bachelors degree in management information systems in May of this year. My question is I know I am young but with the experience should I go for a CCIE or work on different certifications and what X number of years before CCIE? Others I work with feel I am too young but I have a several years of experience and will have 6 years in networking when I get out. If I wait for CCIE I would pursue one of the certifications below:
CISSP (I will get this no matter what)
CCNA Security/CCNP security

Thanks for your input and advice.


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    This should help you out with what route you want to take.

    IT Certification - Cisco - Cisco Systems

    Taking the certs that lead up to CCIE level certs would help you better understand the topics for CCIE level exams. (this is just my opinion, i'm just starting on out cisco certs. it just seems the best way to go in my mind.)
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    Congratulations, rob2011, on achieving your CCNP at age 22! I see that you are already pursuing your BS so there is not much advice I can give you, except: make sure that you leave the army with a secret clearance so that you can enjoy a good salary with one of the defense contractors while you mull over your next steps.
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    this article gives me motivation. Very good Interview with Rick Mur who have 3 CCIE's & JNCIE at the age of 24
    How to Become a Networking Rockstar with Rick Mur (CCIE JNCIE)

    & work at a cisco gold partner :)
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