Certification guidance?

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I am looking for advice on what certifications to pursue next but first let me give you my experience etc.
A+, SEC+, CCNA, and CCNP.
I am 22 years old and I am preparing myself to get out of the army in 18 months from now. I currently have 4 years experience working in networking from basic tech to my currently role as a network admin mainly configuring routing protocols (OSPF, BGP), ACLs, and firewalls (ASA and Juniper Netscreen). Before I joined the army I worked at geek squad as a computer repair technician for 2 years. I will finish my bachelors degree in management information systems in May of this year. My question is I know I am young but with the experience should I go for a CCIE or work on different certifications and what X number of years before CCIE? Others I work with feel I am too young but I have a several years of experience and will have 6 years in networking when I get out. If I wait for CCIE I would pursue one of the certifications below:
CISSP (I will get this no matter what)
CCNA Security/CCNP security

Thanks for your input and advice.


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