Going for my MSIA from WGU... Current in unrelated 'field.'

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Hey all -

I'm interested in getting my MSIA from WGU. I'm into IS Security and I feel like it would be a cool field to get into... My undergrad was a B.A in Poli-Sci but my career options are limited here and I feel like branching into a field which is an interest of mine would open doors.

Right now I'm 27 and work in a mail room, obviously this isn't an ideal job but it's low stress, pays 40k, and would afford me a great deal of time to study.

Are there any WGU MSIA graduates here? How was it and what are you currently working? I figure once I graduated I could then work towards other certs such as Security+ (I could probably pass this after a week or two of studying) and then the CISSP.

Any suggestions, ideas, etc would be helpful.


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    I am looking into going back to WGU for my masters too. So I will be watching this thread.
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    My advice to you is get an IT job as soon as you can. I'm not trying to discourage you, but it's unusual to just walk into an IT Security job with zero experience in IT.

    I believe there is at least one graduate from WGU's MSIA program and several that are currently students in the program here.
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    Have you looked at their revised admission requirements?
    To be admitted into this online IT degree program, you must:
    • Apply for admission.
    • Possess a bachelor’s degree from a regionally or DETC-accredited institution.
    • Demonstrate IT security experience through at least one of the following three methods:
      • Have earned a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology with an emphasis or coursework in advanced IT networking or IT security that covers at least two CISSP CBK domains. (You can find the domains listed here.)
      • Hold a CISSP, CCIE, CCNP, CCNA, or GCWN certification that was earned within the last five years.
      • Submit a resume for review showing recent significant IT security experience, of at least three years, which demonstrates at least two CISSP CBK domains.
    • You will also be required to take and pass the WGU Readiness Assessment—a short, three-part online admissions test that helps determine the likelihood of success in a WGU program.
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    Ppl in this forum has been saying that Info sec is not something that you get yourself into. I didn't know what it meant but now i understand why. My background is business and MIS...and luckily I have been working as an IT auditor. I started as an info sec analyst but i realized that it requries IT and techical knowledge..which I didn't have (and working on it now)

    Not that i have done this for myself, but if i look back it would make sense to get an IT job (network admin, server, desktop etc) and work your way up learning pretty much every aspect of IT. If you go to SANS and there is a whitepaper (a bit old) that expalins how to become an info sec analyst. you can check it out.
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    Have you looked at their revised admission requirements?

    Nice. I'm pleased that they have done this. It will bring more credibility to the program.
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    Have you looked at their revised admission requirements?

    Yes. Part of my job was asset management for equipment worth over $100 million. I believe two of the domains I could use are Physical Security & Recovery Planning.
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    Getting the Security+ prior to applying at WGU would likely improve your chances of getting accepted. Depending on how your networking skills are network+ might also help prep for the CCENT. FWIW when I applied to WGU I listed 10 years of relevant experience and they still were not happy with that and kicked back my resume even though you only need 3. I had to get my admissions counselor to write up a waiver and use my A.A.S. in Cyber/Information Security instead. And this is just for the undergrad...

    To echo what veritas_libertas said, security isn't exactly something that organizations trust to folks with little relative experience.
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    The best part about the requirements is that if you graduated from WGU with a BS in network admin or network design and admin you are automatically in. Or at least that is what the enrollment counselor told me.
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    I remember my intake interview, "Tell me about your background in IT."


    "You're good, I'll send you an email with the verification steps."
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    Well the admin guy said I have an uphill battle infront of me...

    I really don't want to have to go back for an undergrad when I have a BA...Trying to figure out what to do... I went and got my A+ and Network+ in the past week, now I have to go for the Security+.

    I guess I could study for the CCNA or CISSP and then try to get a job that way... even though I have no experience and could only be an Associate CISSP.

    Any ideas guys?
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    How motivated are you?

    With a high level of motivation and a transfer of the BA and some certs, you could easily knock out the remaining credits in 3-4 months, then transition into the masters at that time. Or, just use the BS in IT to land the job. Plenty of options...
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    Man I dunno that's a bit of a stretch. I can guarantee that CCNA + MS MISA won't automatically give you an auditors position in a fortune 500. You'll definately have to work your way up pretty much from a blank slate. There's no point in getting the CISSP at this stage because even at the associates level, you only have 6 years to get the 5 years of required experience, though you'll only need 4 since you already have bachelors. Point is, if you don't get into some type of sec related position within two years of passing the test then you're boned. I'm Associate of ISC2 Toward CISSP; the only reason I got it is because i'm already in an IS position and am racking up the EXP (2 years left). I just wanted to get the test out of the way while I didn't have familial obligations (passed 1 mo before birth of my son) . Rather, I would get CCNA and anything else that would help you get an IT job. Once you're in, then study on info sec and tell your supervisor "hey, i'm interested in Sec, i have CCNA Sec & Associates (CISSP)."
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