JK0-701 : strange issue

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Hello everyone, this is my first post so forgive me if this is common knowledge. I have searched the forum though and didn't find the answer.

I'm looking to gain A+ certification; I am attending a community college for Cisco classes and I'm already Security+ certified (out of order, I know). To save money I obviously want to take the discounted jk0-701 exam instead of the 220-701 exam.

Earlier today I was about register to take the exam when I was given the option to register for the JK0-701 exam but not asked for an E2C member number. My college is probably a member (given the types of classes offered) but talking with the student services about anything is like beating your head against a wall. I've also taken training at government education centers, as listed on Cisco's E2C page.

So my question is: am I somehow already enrolled/eligible or am I missing a step that I need to finish before showing up on test day, which could mean forfeiting a non-refundable fee? Thanks for any help you can offer.


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    when I registered for JK0-701, I used a discount voucher that the school provided. I never need the E2C number, but your school might be different, I would ask one of your teachers who does hardware/software or networking training to see if they know how your school handles it.
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    I agree with superjerelman, I just did Project+ through WGU and they gave me a voucher code for JK0-whatever project+ is and all I did was sign up for the exam like any other certification and entered the voucher code in the box. I believe the E2C number is for the college buying the educational discount voucher. So when pearson vue processes the voucher code they can track it back to your school.
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