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Question, I always thought that when you connect two switches together you have to set it up as a trunk. I noticed today that someone connected a switch to another and did not set it up as a trunk on the CLI. Is this possible or did I see wrong?


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    This situation soley depends on what type of switch you use. By this I mean auto sensing(10/100) or not, for example. If you use a standard switch with an auto sensing switch it should work. But for example if you use a 100 speed switch with a 10 then trunking is required. If I am wrong someone correct me. Hope this helps.
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    connect anything you want
    it's the topology and how you configure it that matters
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    when you connect two switches you setup a trunk only if you are implementing VLANs. They dont have to be directly connected either, they can be seperated by a WAN link.

    Has nothing to do with speed or auto sensing.
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    Thanks, I learned something new!
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