ISSMP Passed!

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All I took and passed the ISSMP today!

Let me tell you it was a hell of a ride. I am not so certain I like the instant result thing. I almost had a heart attack when I completed the exam and it just said you have completed your exam. Go to the printer for results!

Everybody else who posted mentioned that they received a congrat you have completed the exam or something along those lines. All of you can understand how traumatic seeing a different result means! LOL! So after a brief sprint to the receptionist. I found out I passed. Woot!

Study material: ISSMP CBK, NIST material specified in the CIB and experience. I read the CBK three times and reviewed the NIST material twice. I also used the ISSMP course from FED VTE. I studied off and on for two months or so. All of that helped but you must understand how to manage before you can pass this exam. Just like the CISSP but on a higher level. It is the MGT concentration after all.

This may end my ISC2 Journey but I already feel like I want to take the ISSAP. I enjoy the format of the tests and I really feel like my knowledge is tested when I take the exams.

I suggest for best results take within a couple of months after passing CISSP. The knowledge really builds upon the base CISSP CBK.



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    Congrats on the pass!
  • emerald_octaneemerald_octane Member Posts: 613
    Congrats. I hope to take a concentration one day. It's like being a star to going to a superstar...or something like that.
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    Hey! Thanks guys... Since there is virtually no feedback on the test that I have come across I wanted to provide some basic info.

    Domain ranking:
    1) BCP/DRP
    2) Overseeing Compliance of Security Operations
    3) Enterprise-Wide Systems Development Security
    4) Law Investigation, Forensics, and Ethics
    5) Enterprise Security Management Practices

    Also remember the CIB changes in APR 2013.

    I think this is it unless you guys have suggestions. I do not want to violate the NDA.
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    Good info and congratulations on the pass.

    Did you find the material to be relatively updated and real-world? Before the update of the CISSP, some of the CBK was quite dated and I vaguely recall that some topics was arguably not based on real-world scenarios.

    I've been thinking that waiting until the CIB changes may be more valuable.

    I'm also curious if you came across any prep books with practice exams. I had looked on Amazon and only found 2 prep books but neither had reviews.
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    From ISSMP to another : Congrats on the pass! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats on the pass!

    I am not sure if I will do a concentration, though it will probably advance the career when the time is right. Perhaps in the next couple of years.
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    Congratulations on passing the CISSP-ISSMP exam and thanks for the review! icon_cheers.gif
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    Thanks again guys!

    @ Paul78 - This exam is pure management. I did not see any tech questions. All the questions are process and management centric. The CBK makes no reference to any sort of technical solution that I can remember. So very applicable and relevent. The only thing that was slighly dated that I noticed in the CBK was a reference to Audit Standard SAS70. I think it changed to SSAE 16 or something like that. I cannot remember off to the top of my head.

    The only books I used were the CBK and NIST documents. I tried using the tests for the domains that overlapped with the CISSP stuff. But they were not focused on the stategic level so not very much use there. I even tried rereading the OIG and CISP CBK (for applicable domains) but it was like comparing apples to oranges. The exam/CBK focuses on high level decisions and thought processes.

    @Falasi - No... Thanks to you brother. I must have read your posts about 50 times as I was trying to war game the cert and my attempt. What applied and whatnot. They are very few resources around. I even jumped over to and they only had one or two posts.

    @ paperlantern - Give it a go when the time is right.

    @ JD - Thanks man. You have got a great thing going here. Love the forums.

    Over all I thought it was a rewarding journey and caused me to think of things in a different light and to consider things I have never thought to consider.

    It is not about the destination. It is all about the journey.
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    Congrats! I hope to follow in your footsteps. Got my CISSP August 1 of this year, and ISSMP is the concentration I hope to achieve. Sounds like I might be well served to do it sooner than later . . . Thanks for the feedback.
    Feel the fear, and do it anyway!
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