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Since there's so little info out there on this exam, I'll do all I can to give you the rundown.

First off, I think it's a shame that this test is so unpopular - I enjoyed preparing for it and learned a lot (though the amount I learned was probably due my lack of direct high-end hardware experience, ymmv). But I thought it was an excellent thing for me to do to gain entry level server hardware knowledge.

The passing score is 615 out of the usual 100-900 scale. I scored a 689. It's a typical CompTIA exam, meaning there are several frustratingly ambiguous questions. Plan accordingly.

From my exam, I would break down the "what to study" list like this, in approximate order of importance:

-SCSI (including i-SCSI) - know your speeds, width, LUNS, connectors, termination types
-RAID - sit down with a blank paper and list every RAID config (including hybrids) and an explanation of what they are. If you can do this, you're probably fine for the exam, but know about rebuilding arrays and hot swap technologies as well.
-Monitoring agents - SNMP mostly, but a few questions on DMI
-Tape backup - know your types, specs, and compatability
-Those documentation plans that most people roll their eyes at - you'd better be able to list them, or at least pick the steps out of a list
-UPS - make sure you don't overlook studying batteries and power types
-Fibre channel
-Memory - DDR2, Rambus, ECC/Buffered, etc

The rest is just general hardware knowledge, and there's no way to put it more specifically. You just need to be able to diagnose whatever situation they may give you.

Materials used:

CBT Nuggets - Updated 2005 objectives. Mixed on this. I know CBT Nuggets are a favorite here, but I think this package, at least, is extremely over priced for what you get. I don't feel the info I got from it was very value priced at $200; I'd much rather have spent that amount on 4 different books and read them, but umm... there are none. Regardless, they currently have a monopoly on training materials, so if you want a guide through the exam, you have basically no other option until the new exam cram comes out in September.

VNP Exam prep software - This is a selftest program that contains "653" questions for the exam. I worked through the program from 1-653 and got several of the questions twice or more. I'd put the actual number at closer to 550. They're not very good questions, but it did help me somewhat overall, and for $19.99 I would probably say it's worth it, given the lack of any other materials. You can download a demo containing 35 questions on their site.

After working through these materials, I DLed the exam objectives and went through them one by one. If I didn't know much about something, I googled it and read as much as I could. Bout all you can do. Hope this info helps.


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    Congrats! Thanks for the review!!! I've been looking over Server+ as a possibility after MCSA.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats icon_thumright.gif
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    CONGRATULATIONS :D IS server just like A+ but advanced?
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    Way to go. In my new job, I'm "expected" to get my Server+, but, like you, had trouble finding avenues of study for the new objectives. Your "short list" helps a lot. Thanks.
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    Congrats....interesting cert...i might consider..hmm
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    I agree ... this is a very interesting topic of study which will benifit me greatly I feel.

    It is too bad there is not more study materials for this exam.
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    Baredor, how much time did you spend preparing for the exam?
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    Congrats, thanks for the study hints.
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    Congrats on passing one more exam
    Thanks for sharing exam info
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    I'm a little late, but good job! This exam looks difficult! :D
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    I am taking this test soon. I was going to take it last year but couldn't time to prepare for it. icon_sad.gif
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    Congratulations! Excellent feedback. Posts such as these definitely add to the value of resources at TechExams.
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