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First off, I am a long-time lurker of this site and I love it. Here is my story. I’m a 37 year old single male. I used to be a land surveyor. I have an associate’s degree in land surveying and an associate’s degree in liberal arts. The liberal arts degree was simply so I could transfer as a junior to a university. I am in my first semester as a junior at a four year institution. I am majoring in MIS. The degree will be a BBA in MIS. I hate it! Well, I hate the business side. It is very weak on the IT side. I kind of knew it going in but it was/is the easiest degree for me to get (least hours). I like the nuts and bolts stuff, problem solving, tweaking, that sort of thing. I also believe I would like IT security. I have limited experience and no certs. I read all the good reviews about WGU and it gets me thinking. I actually thought about WGU before I started where I am now. Will they accept me without experience? I see it says something about taking students with associate degrees. Can I learn the concepts through the online environment without hands on experience? I can say the MIS plan I am currently on would be just as easy online and just as helpful. Sorry about the long-windedness. HELP!


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    They should take you with the associates, however since it's not a related field, that may be an issue. I would suggest, if you're looking at WGU as an option, pick up a couple of entry level certs. A+ and Net+ for example, fairly standard stuff and if you've got a little bit of experience, you'll breeze through. Those would help waive that particular requirement, although a recruiter would be able to tell you more.

    As for learning the stuff hands on vs. online, with the online you need a home lab if you actually want to learn the material. I couldn't have passed CCENT or my MCITP classes without one.
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    Hi ar_newb,

    I also did my BBA in MIS and soon to finish my MS in MIS with concentration on info sec. I can agree that MIS is lacking on the technical skills, but employers definitely value the degree. If you tackle a few certifications, with some experience, you can secure a very nice job. Most people that do not have experience or certs with just BBA in MIS have a difficulty finding jobs.

    Good luck!
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    Thanks for the replies. I guess I'll probably stick with it (MIS). I've been meaning to get A+ for a long time. I actually took a prep course but never took the exam.
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    If you're that far into a MIS degree you should probably just finish it. I agree that most MIS degrees lack technical experience which is why it's best to suppliment it with a few certifications or experience. You should look into internships for experience through some of the larger companies in your area.
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