Failed 70-299 on Saturday - Passed Saturday just gone!!

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Dam exam!! scored 650. Out of all the MS exams I have done, including just recently passing 70-298 this is the most ridiculously obscure exam coming up with scenarios that would never happen if someone knew what they were doing.

So instead of asking question about everyday, common and even typically complex scenarios, the ones you actually need to be proficient in they ask about thing that most people would never come across and if you did you would look it up.

My problem with is that there'll be people who are security certified by being able to configure VPN routing across non interconnected forests using certificate services and L2TP Ipsec with computers that aren't member of the domain BUT they won't know how to create a simple domain or forrest trust. Yep, not one question on trusts! Even though it is very much listed and I would thing would be incredibly important. Others barely making an appearance was Wireless, IIS, CA's, network encryption, security polcies, groups. In fact if I had known inside out SUS (which I did OK on), VPNs and security auditing and that was all I could have probably passed this exam. I know they sound simple but they asked some unbelievable question about these topics and almost none about the others!

Well anyway thats my rant, I'll go back and tackle it again soon.


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    Sorry about the too-low score. But, now that you know the areas covererd, I'm sure that you'll clobber it next time! Best of luck!

    And....thanks for the heads up on this monster.
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    Well anyway thats my rant, I'll go back and tackle it again soon.

    Knowlege of the subject matter is clearly not your problem.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Thanks for your support guys. I'll use it to help me pass this exam :)
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    Sorry to hear that strauchr.

    You'll get it next time.
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    OK, I took this exam on the Saturday just gone, 2 weeks after failing and got an 825. I really only just reviewed stuff I had already studied before and unfortunately had a few to many Stella's the night before so I was a bit light headed (not a good idea I know - just one I said to myself!)

    So toward the end of my exam my concentration was wading but still managed to pull through. Make no mistake with this exam it is quite difficult not because the subject is overly testing if you have already done the rest of the MCSE but because some of the questions are just so obscure and not very detailed. You really have to guess at what MS is trying to ask you.

    So this is my last MS exam for a long time (hopefully) so its time to move to CCNA. Finally something new and interesting!

    Thanks for the support guys
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    Congratulations with the pass and the new cert! icon_thumright.gif
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    I took the exam with very little studying and passed with a high score. I worked in an IT school and we established through the amount of test takers coming through and one of the instructors writing questions for the 70-299 that there were 2 versions of the exam. One hard one and one easy one.

    Nice score man!
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  • strauchrstrauchr Member Posts: 528
    That would be right. Why couldn't I get the easier one the first time round. Wasted 2 weeks! Oh well, its done now.
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    Congrats on the pass!
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    Congrats icon_thumright.gif
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