Passed my GCIH today!

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I passed it with a 94 and have a smile on my face that should last the rest of the day :D


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    Nice! Congrats on the pass!
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    Wow, great score! Congratz! icon_cheers.gif

    How long did you study for? Did you build an index and use both your practice exam?
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    Thank you. I studied more for my GCFA and GCIH than I've studied for everything else in my life combined.

    For the GCIH I took the course, watched the on-demand and then went through the books and created a ~30 page index which I used on both practice tests and the real one.

    One of the SANS mentors I met at the course told me that he uses ~50 page indexes and although most would consider it overkill, it worked for me. Probably some of the best advice I've gotten and I'll do it for every SANS course I ever take.

    Even after being exposed to the content twice, I was still picking up some things while I was making that index.
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    30- to 50-page indices? Yeow! My GSEC index was 975 entries in two columns spread over ten pages, and that was taken from six books. I may have been able to squeeze out another 100-200 more entries, but at 106 entries per page I wouldn't be able to get near the size you are quoting.
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    We're at the same number of entries, but each one of mine takes up the full width of the page in landscape mode. I have the topic, bk#,pg# and then a brief description of what topic is and maybe a command line example if appropriate.

    It was not quick to make but it helped me and I needed all the help I could get :) I even took my final version to kinkos and had them bind it.

    I'll take a few pics and whip up a blog post this week. Having someone show me theirs really helped me prepare mine and if I could help someone else that would be cool.
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    Going through the course, compiling your notes, listening to the MP3s, taking the practice exams, and then finally going through the real exam itself ... over time that's a lot of reinforcement of the material. While GIAC exams are open-book and don't require strict memorization of all the details, I think it overall solidifies the learning experience in the end. And that's what SANS seems to be going after.

    94 is a good score. How much time did you have left when you finished the exam?
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    I agree 100% docrice. Every time I went through material I picked something else and if I went through it again right now I would pick up some more.

    I've got about a dozen courses/topics on my "whats next" list but working on applying some of these concepts in a lab environment is at the top of that list. I feel like I have a very good grasp of overall concepts but have a lot of practice ahead of me.

    I still had an hour and a half left on the exam.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    What did you score on the practice exams?

    I made a one page index for subjects (subject, pg #), and a one page index for tools (tool, pg#, description), and i printed out a windows cli **** sheet, intrusion discovery for windows **** sheet, intrusion discovery for linux **** sheet, sec 504 **** sheet, netcat **** sheet, tcp/ip & tcpdump **** sheet, and nmap **** sheet. I think i only used the **** sheets from class during the practice test, and maybe the nmap one once.

    i also tabbed my book by page numbers in increments of 20 to help find pages faster.

    im scheduled to take the test this saturday but im wondering if i can just walk in tomorrow and try it since i got a 90 on the practice test today.
  • azmattazmatt Member Posts: 114
    I got a 90 on my first practice test and 92 on my second.

    It sounds like you're well prepared. Good luck!!
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    Congrats on the great score! It's a good feeling. :)
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    Congarts Well done.
    Jinverar, TSS
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