30 days out - where should I focus?

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Hi Team,

As stated I am 30 days out from the ROUTE exam. I have been studying for a few months and have finished the book. I have done the lab guide along the way. Overall, I have not found the material that confusing or hard, but I do not want to be complacent with it either and think it is easy.

Can people that have done the exam point me into a specific direction on the material I should be focusing on the most? I will be doing revision over all of it, but if there are any areas where people feel that I should focus that would be great. Thanks.


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    I think the ROUTE SLM is good to go through which you already have. Gives you a good insight to what you need to know.
    I would probably be comfortable with ipv6, route redistribution and in general just getting syntax for route filtering correct. Whether it be access lists route maps prefix lists or whatever.
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    You should focus on the areas you think you need to focus on.

    I'd go back and review BGP, IPv6 and OSPF.

    OSPF tends to be a large topics, Area types/LSAs/Virtual-links, router types
    Same with BGP, metrics/attributes, iBGP vs eBGP. BGP usually tends to be an intimidating subject for some.
    IPv6 just cause it's IPv6 and not really focused on.

    Maybe review redistribution as well. that can be very intimidating, spend some extra time labbing that to make sure you understand the concept and the way you understand the concept is correct.

    Those are topics I've seen some jr engineer struggle with while going after ROUTE. But everyone studies differently truly you are the only one that can answer this question.
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    I'd also throw in some PBR. Not the kind that has alcohol but the kind that involves route-maps. :)
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    1. Policy Based Routing
    2. Purchase the Boson Ex-sim Max practice tests. They are definitely worth it!! Take Exam A then review every single question, even the ones you answered correctly. Read all of the notes and references Boson provide.

    Good luck!

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    What the others have said, plus redistribution.

    I'd go over and really indepth into the labs for one week. Do two weeks of the book and theory, then one week of revision.
    The labs will pay you back handsomely. Practice the PBR, OSPF (and virtual links), redistribution, and BGP. Know how to do their basics in your sleep and the rest will come much more easily to you.

    @f0rgiv3n: what is this alcohol, and where can I subscribe to it?
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    As I'm studying route too, about a month in. I would say bgp, ipv6. And redistribution needs the most coverage.
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    Thanks for the tips guys! Hopefully I can update this with a "I passed" quote in a months time.

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