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I am gona start preparing for CISSP.Can anyone tel me what books i need to start studyin???.I have a list of books but i dont know exactly which one will be more usefull with regards to the exam.

I have decided to take up the exam in 4 to 5 months.



  • wes allenwes allen Member Posts: 540 ■■■■■□□□□□
    I really liked the Syngress book. The practice tests from are also very helpful.
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    Vigi, for me, the following resources did the trick:

    *Official CISSP CBK
    *Shon Harris' AIO
    *CISSP Study Guide by Stewart, Tittel and Chapple
    *Shon Harris audio summaries (available as part of a box set with the AIO guide and practice tests)
    *11th Hour CISSP
    * online questions
    *StudISCope online questions

    I'll admit that I didn't read the Harris and Stewart books from cover to cover. I was getting overwhelmed with the amount of material, especially having come directly from preparing for and taking the SSCP. Near the end, I started jumping around quite a bit and relied more on the concise 11th Hour book than the more comprehensive guides.
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    MattSC is on point with the resources used.
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    CISSP Study Guide -Eric Conrad & Youtube tutorials

    Only book I read cover to cover. Bought Shon Harris AIO however it just collected dust. I opened it maybe 4 times to find answers.
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    CISSP Study Guide -Eric Conrad seem to be the way to go.. simpler to read and quite a few members suggest reading this book..
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    Do the following:

    1> Read Shon first: understand the concepts, prepare extensive notes while reading this. This will help you in last 5 days.
    2> go for CCCure.
    3> Now that you understand the concepts and the type of questions expected, try now CBK
    (after reading shon and the cccure, it will actually make sense)
    4> do all the test from the studyscope(passing them will boost your confidence)

    it worked for me. Check my blog at
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    Wow..Ausome..I read ur!!Thanks ravi!!!
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