Question about CME/CUCM and Cisco "Spare" phones

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Hello there,

I'm starting myself in the voice track (CCNA VOICE) and i've been buying some equipment for my lab. As for now i got a 2801 ISR with a pvdm2-8 and a vic2-2fxo card, and i also got a brand new cisco 7942 quite cheap (40 bucks) but when i did buy the phone i wasn't aware of the "coding" and "licensing" of these. Straight to the nerve, i bought a 7942G= SPARE phone, and for "spare" it means it comes w/o license.

I'm quite upset with my compulsive buyer side after finding about the stupid licensing thing, but i'm still hopeful and came here to ask: Is there any way i can use this spare phone with CME 7.1 on my 2801 without having to buy the license? icon_rolleyes.gif

Any sort of help is welcome
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