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Everyone has been there when you set up a config in IOS and you botched it and want to just hit the reset button. But, you dont have a reset button until now! This will bring you back to your fresh base config before you messed up your VPN tunnel or worse. Until now. If you havent used Cisco Confiuration Professional then you need to get it. I have been a long term CLI guy but this little baby might just swing me over to the dark side or might just make me lazy.

1) First thing you do is start with a clean slate by backing up your .bin file by TFTP and flash your NVRAM and reload your .bin file. Anyone working on your CCNA needs to know how to do this for a job so practice in Packet tracer first if your new to it. Once your lazy like me:D you can format your flash and upload a new .bin file with ease and no TFTP server.

2) Create you Gold Master Config by making your config as clean as you can and save it to your startup config "wr" I made a default config for my 1760 with a few vlans, VPN Server, Passwords and all. Once your done you can export the Startup config to your desktop and name it "Default.cfg" Dont forget the .cfg extension.

3) Now you can upload your base Default.cfg to your flash to store it for later use. Easy peasy!

4) Under flash management in CCP you can verify that your base config is now present in the flash memory.

5) Now when your at the point where you hosed up your config bad enough and need to restore it, you can do it in a few commands.

CORE-R1#show flash: | include .cfg
2 7583 Default.cfg

CORE-R1#copy flash Default.cfg startup-config
Destination filename [startup-config]? Destination filename [startup-config]? Press enter


6) Once the router reboots just verify your interfaces are up and your good to go for another round.

FYI, Im currenty doing my CCNA Voice and this is a builtin procedure for a Cisco UC520 box and I just adopted it for my other routers in my lab. Enjoy!
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    "GUI is the devil Bobby! But Momma...I like GUI and the GUI showed me it's $!#@ and I liked it"
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    I move much faster with the command line. Now I can see what linux users have been talking about.
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    Good use for CCP.

    I'd rather do VPN from the GUI! *shudders*
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    GUI is the devil Bobby! HAHA

    watch this GUI in action, it looks sacry, (it starts out a little dull).
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    I'm confused. Why not just use the copy command?

    copy startup-config flash:/Default.cfg

    if you ever need it...
    copy flash:/Default.cfg startup-config

    or better:
    copy start flash:/DATE.cfg
    need to delete it?
    delete flash:/Date.cfg

    I hope to pass my CCNA next week and start my voice track soon after, so I'm a noob. Am I missing something?
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    or just use the configure replace command and you don't have to reload....
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