Been Stuck on 70-680 for a while

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Hello Everyone,

I started studying for the 70-680 exam back in like June and I studied really hard for like 3 months but never felt ready for the exam. Long story short I never got to take the exam and unfortunately havent studied for like 2 or 3 months. I am thinking about sitting down after my college semester is over next week and studying my ass off again. I really want to try and take it before May 13th of 2013 since Microsoft is offering their "Second Shot" promotion. I was thinking about buying a second book to study with and what your guys opinion is the best book to get. I currently have the MS Press book but was wanting a second book to complement that.

Thanks for all advice,


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    Good luck and you should definitely be able to achieve your goals...
    I used MCTS 70-680 Cert Guide: Microsoft Windows 7, Configuring: Don Poulton: 9780789747075: Books

    As my book, and felt it was good. You can read some reviews to see if it sounds positive. Again good luck.
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    Look up ProfessorMesser videos, they are free and they are great
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    I was in the same rut; only that I'd lose my interest for a couple days rather for weeks. I found that, if I began by doing a lab of the subject matter I would be reading next, my focus an energy returned. Even if it meant lab'ing something I had not yet read, my understanding of it came quicker when I eventually got to reading about it.

    Also, sometime to get my brain engaged, I would read aloud for a couple pages. Seems stupid, yet it seemed to act like stretching before taking a jog. Once "warmed up", I was ready to go.
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    Like umar said check out professormesser and also as they are both free and great resources.
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    I am going through the same situation right now. I studied a lot before I changed jobs and never got around to it. Now that college is about to let out, I too think I will push hard for the exam before the second shot is up. I am thinking about buying the Sybex 70-680 book but am unsure if it will be as good as the rest of the sybex books have been. Let me know if you find any useful resources in terms of literature. Thanks and good luck.
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    I really found that out of all the MS press books, the one they did for 70-680 was one of the best.
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