Guidance on CEU's?

CodyyCodyy Member Posts: 223 ■■■□□□□□□□
Hi all, new to this site and it looks to be full great info! Anyway, I received an email at work(military) last week stating that all DoD employees holding a CompTIA cert need to enroll in CE. I received my Security+ cert in 2010, so I'm covered for life, but DoD wants us to freshen up on it anyway. I did some research on these "CEU's" and saw nothing on the CompTIA website explained what would be counted as a CEU. No guidance at all. So do we just randomly turn stuff into them and they decide to take it or not? You'd think they would put out something saying what they will and will not accept.

So my question is, what have you done that has counted as a CEU, or what do you plan to do? I saw online "programs" that were specifically for CEU's, but they were like $1000! Ridiculous for an entry level cert. Any help or input on this is really appreciated!


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