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Hi Guys,

I am new to CISSP and i have gone through all the eligibility stuff related to taking up the exam.Now i have decided to start preparin for the exam. I have a list of books told by others regaring preparation for CISSP.

I have ordered for the AIO book by Shoan 6th edition.

can anyone let me know which books i need to start reading from the initial level.Which will be better to start off and gud for understanding.Books mentioned below.

*Official CISSP CBK
*Shon Harris' AIO
*CISSP Study Guide by Stewart, Tittel and Chapple
*Shon Harris audio summaries (available as part of a box set with the AIO guide and practice tests)
*11th Hour CISSP
*CCCure.org online questions
*StudISCope online questions
******CISSP Study Guide -Eric Conrad

Kindly advise for my preparation!!!



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    You should do a self-assessment to determine which of the ten CISSP CBK domains are your best and worst. From that ordered list you will develop a study plan starting with your worst domains first. Practice exams that individually score items from each CISSP CBK domain are usually the best way to evaluate what you do and don't know.
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    I approached this test from a different angle. Backwards if you will. My biggest fear was losing interest if I started with my weakest domains (Crypto and AppSec.) I decided to start slow, hitting my strongest domains (Telecom, Access Control, BCP/DR) and gradually working towards my crappiest ones. By the time I started hitting unfamiliar territory I was already up to speed and knee deep in my studies. I always felt comfortable with my plan and passed the test so it definitely worked for me.

    In regards to books, I would say the most popular ones are Harris, both of the Conrad books (Study Guide and 11th Hour), as well as the OIG. It is up to you. Many of us find the Harris book overly verbose and use it only as a reference to reinforce areas that are either weak in other books or just don't click for some reason. Some have passed using one or all the books above, other have passed with other books. Peruse a chapter from each book and come to a conclusion as to which one fits your style.

    Lastly, make sure you search here, specifically something like "Passed CISSP" so you can see what worked for everyone.

    Takeaway is that you must know how you function best and adjust your plan accordingly.
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    Hi Vigi,

    I am also preparing for the CISSP. One of my colleague has recently cracked it and I am preparing my self under his guidance.
    Following is the approach I am following.

    1. Shaun Harrison AIO book (Referring to that only).
    2. Decided to complete the entire book twice with the same order as mentioned in the book.
    3. CBK book after the completion of Shaun harrison.
    4. I am practicing domain specific questions at CCCuretest after completion of every domain. (This will boost your confidence and also help identifying your weakness in the domain).

    I hope this helps.

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    Hi Darshan,

    Are The questions from cccure for each topic free??Is ter questions for each topic available in cccure.org.
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