Passed Sec+ today!

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I passed Security+ today with an 849! Between Professor Messer's videos and Darril's book, I feel like I was well prepared. I was happy to see a handful of questions that were pretty straightforward regarding port numbers, protocols, and identifying types of attacks. There were a few questions that left me guessing what exactly it was that they wanted me to answer, but that seems to be commonplace in most exams.

It looks like ramrunner800 and I are in the same boat - next stop CCENT. I purchased the Groupon deal a few weeks ago for online CCNA/CCNP training, and from what I've read, the company isn't too bad. So about halfway through Spring semester I'm going to jump into the Cisco material.

I know this next bit isn't related to Sec+, but I've been saying it to anyone who'll listen since the Sys Admin at my office told me about it. If you haven't checked out the "Studying for Results" series on Cisco's Learning Network, definitely do:

The strategies taught in these seminars can be applied to any technical material, not just Cisco.

Thank you to everyone who contributes on these forums, and Darril, for writing such an awesome book!


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