Passed It!

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Passed it about an hour ago. Thanks for all the help ladies and gents!icon_cheers.gificon_cheers.gif


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    Congrats on the achievement!
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    Congratulations bro
    Preparing for CCNA Certification :study:
    Up Next: CCNP
    Onto the Next: CCNA Voice
    And Umm: CCNP Voice
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    Congrats! icon_thumright.gif

    Whats next? icon_study.gif
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    The entire reason for getting these certs was to get back into the government communications world since leaving the Navy. So the next step is finding a job as a systems, network, or security administrator for a company that will utilize my clearance. If no luck, I'll entertain the idea of getting more certs. Time will tell.

    Thanks, everyone.
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    Congratulations Radio2006

    I have one question did the new change in the Security + exam take effect in you new exam. The performance based questions as at January 5th 2013
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    Thanks. No...there were no performance based questions, much to my surprise.
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    Congrats on the pass. Interesting that CompTIA hasn't added the performance based questions yet but they did say the first quarter so they can start showing up anytime between now and March 31.
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    Right on. Thanks for your advice though. I am very glad that I went for it, but if it hadn't been for you, I would have stopped at Network+. Thanks again, bro.
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    Congrats on pass!! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats to you my friend!
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